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    My two boys, traveling, watersports, sports, PC's esp. re: early adopter of new technology. Member of Childrens Leukemia Foundation (my son was diagnosed with ALL Luekemia in 2001 and it doing well now!). Family and friends.

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    Toshiba Salellite P4 3.0mhzHT 80gb, 512MBRam, DVD+- burner, wireless G built in. wireless "Linksys" B network, changing to "G" soon.
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  1. I was not able to download the Bloodhound fix from the MS site for every time I tried it told me I did not have Outlook express (which I do). In summary what I have gathered is that Bloodhound.exploit.6 is really not a virus? Also, what is the consensus of downloading MS SP2 patch? I have read it messed up many applications. Whats is the consensus for the SP2 patch and any problems encounered with applications. I already went to two of my PC's web sites and you have to download "fixes" for problems re: compatibility with SP2 patch. Would love feedback here... or is there a section on this awesome "board" where its already been addressed? Lastly, I have a Linksys Wireless Network with 5 PCs attached. Two of the five are capable of the faster "G" network. Can I have both a wirless G network (Linksys) working with my existing "B" network, with the idea of plugging in Linksys "B" network gear into the G network and how one would go about it? Thanks in advance! I am lucky I found this board. Mike
  2. Hello, I tried Panda activescan, PCtrillian(sp?) and they did not detect or clean the virus. My systems still has same problems, slow and disk activity when (disk activity) when system is idle. Thanks again! Mike PS. Affected system is running WinXP home edition. Also should I download SP2 patch from MS? There seems to be allot of problems posted that affect applications. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have been "hit" with the Bloodhound.exploit.6 virus. I tried the Microsoft link where Norton NV had on the warning box and it told me to download a file to "fix" Outlook Express. I downloaded the file (same link that is on this "thread" many times) and the reponse was that I did not have Outlook Express. I do have Outlook Express. The fact that this "patch" did not find out Outlook Express.. could that "mean" I have other problems on the PC? PC seemed to be running well up until I recieved the virus warning. After the warning, there was allot of disk activity and I had no open applications. I shut it down fast (the "wrong way.. ie shutting it off via not shutting down ) booted up in safe mode next time to be safe, however still can't get to the virus removed and get the PC to act "normal". Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Mike
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