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  1. Just retested mine. My overall score for 3dmark05 is 5433.
  2. Alright well I adjusted some new things, and improved my score by over 100 points. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QWU79WQTJTRSZ967 Now, another thing to talk about here. I want to get water cooling to cool down my prescott, and to do a little overclocking, maybe to 3.8ghz. BIG PROBLEM!!! I just found out that the nice, big, expensive, INTEL MOTHERBOARD WILL NOT OVERCLOCK! Oh no! I am almost considering buying a new motherboard, like an ASUS! LOL I spent over 200bucks as well. Does anybody know of any possible way, that I can overclock with an intel board?
  3. ooh I like that koolance. It looks nice. Do they perform well, and are they high quality? I dont want no peice of crap leaking water in my system. LOL * Opens dvd drive to put in a movie, then is woken up with 5 gallons of water pooring out the drives mouth. Stares down at his shirt and shakes his head.
  4. Well, apparently, AMD's and Nvidia's score alot better than Intels and ATI's in the pit. But, just because your processor may have a better score on pcpitstop, that doesnt mean that mine doesnt beat yours in gaming or multitasking, or whatever you want to compare. But I guess your's beats mine in other area's, probably because they were designed completely different. How do the Koolance water cooling systems perform? And if I was wrong with something above, let me know, cuz I am new here, and clearly dont know much about the tests themselves.
  5. Thank you . Yes, I would consider getting a new fx-55, but the thing is, I am running PCI-Express right now, and my x800 xt is also. I have a really nice motherboard. I would have to change my proc, mobo, vid card, and possibly even my ram. Do the fx-53's require registered memory? I would'nt know, I stay with intel myself. I think I am just going to keep advancing the path I have chosen, and upgrade along the way. Right now I am having a really hard time finding a kickass water cooling system that will work with my lga775. Prescotts DO run very very very hot. Sometimes, under heavy
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah whenever something new comes out, maybe a 3.8ghz or 4.0ghz lga775 comes out, I will probably grab one of those. I was thinking of one of the extreme editions, but they are so expensive, and I dont know if it is really worth the cash for more cache. Ati's best is the x800xt right now, obviously, but does anybody know anything about whats coming afterwards? Or even for Nvid's? I love fat juicy expensive 100 pound peices of hardware.
  7. I was thinking of overclocking, not really sure if I need to though, maybe just for a little fun. I think my cooling is pretty good. I want to get something exotic soon, maybe like a watercooling system, but I dont know if they make a block to fit LGA775's. By the way, what is that Vapochill or something like that I saw somewhere.... Oh yeah, anybody know how to get my video card to score in the 500's? I saw some lower boards getting there, just curious.
  8. Yes, I also thought my processor was scoring low. It is a new prescott core, known as the "E" version, although I dont know why it scored so low. I have not overclocked anything, and have not changed anything in my bios either. Kinda weird dark how your comp scored higher than mine in 3dmark05, something must be wrong here. Anybody have any suggestions?
  9. By the way, my cooling is pretty good, but nothing exotic. I have some powerful 120mm fans, and I have one on the side for my video card. Another question, why do some lower classed video cards beat out my new x800 xt? Just curious.... Oh, I scored 5370 on 3dmark05. Dont know how good that is or not.
  10. Hey everybody. I am new to the forums, but have been testing in the pit for ahwile. I just recently built a new computer a few weeks ago, and I was wondering what things I could do to make it run even better than what it is now. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QWU79WQTJTRS1TUE that is a recent test. I have a 3.4ghz pentium 4 prescott, lga775 socketed. I am also running 2gigs of Corsair XMS2 pro, ddr2 pc2-5400. I have twin 74g raptors in a Raid-0. PCI EXPRESS, with i925x and ICH6r. Ati's X800 xt pci express version. Overall I am pretty happy with my system, but I have not be
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