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  1. same problem here. i fixed it by modding my bios to remove the asus name. ive ran a few different drivers now currenty using 169.25 on my asus 8800gt.
  2. haha ended up buying a asus 8800gt. stock not bad http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=4213923
  3. its just value stuff says pny on the little sticker. my mushkin was never any good. 225 2.5,2,3,8 2.8v best i could do
  4. funny this value ram is clocking better the my mushkin cas2 stuff. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=YJJ1SWFP8KWS7DCV got it up to 250htt 1 to1. rams at 2.7v still ots havent hti a wall yet. my cpu does just under 2700mhz has the test changed the way it comes up with the score. i dont remember begin so close to 3000
  5. I ended up buying local. 2x1gb ddr400 cas3 Pny $110.
  6. i found this it should work. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Sea...&CatId=1838 im gonna keep looking
  7. i need 2x1gb. im running lol i dont remember its high end ocz pc3500 i belive 2 x512
  8. ill try lol. I have another question for you guys im looking for a new set of ram 2x1gb nothing really expensive doesnt really have to clock that high. I run at 265 but its ok if i need to use a divder. 1gb isnt enough anymore lol sry lol running a 939 system
  9. Hi guys i just picked up a evga 7900gt co off ebay for ok price i think Anyways can i get some suggestions on aftermarket heatsinks please.
  10. Maybe something wrong with your windows install?
  11. Oh and i dont smoke tobacco never have. Hi nice to meet you. I think ive seen you around lol.
  12. Ive been smoking pot for roughly 9 years. I did try lsd and mdma in highschool but thats it never even wanted to try anything else because i plan on making something of my life. On the other hand i have seen people go onto coke after smoking weed for only a short time and thats where your life starts to go downhill.
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