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  1. The license fee goes primarily towards funding the running of the BBC which provides a varying range of programs including unbiased news reporting. This all has the added benefit of not requiring 4x5 min advert breaks in a 30 min show. On the point of the question, a simple paid proxy service won't work as iPlayer is flash. I have managed to get it to work from Ireland by using puTTY to create a local SOCKS5 proxy tunneled over an SSH connection and then using an app like sockscap or freecap to proxy all connections (including Flash) from Firefox. Was a little buggy and crashy though.
  2. I'm not entirely sure what the "RPC Server" does. It may be related to remote desktop which uses RPC. If your devices are behind a NAT enabled router (i.e. you have 1 public IP from your ISP and each of your devices has a private* IP) then you should be safe providing you have no unnecessary port forwards. * Private IPs being... Phil
  3. 445 is SMB. It looks like someone is probing you to see if you have any Windows file shares open. If your router uses NAT (if you're not sure it probably does) then the attacks won't get through. Phil
  4. I tried 3 different browsers at the time, however it seems to work in all now. Phil
  5. Hrmm... Am attempting to create a new topic in the networking forum however it is saying I don't have permission. I can create a topic in other forums. Any idea what the issue is? Phil
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I realise I'm not in the class however the e-mail perplexed me such that I thought I'd run it by you all for clarification. Phil
  7. This one landed in my inbox today and has royally stumped me. It looks absolutely flawless and I cannot even remotely prove it to be a scam of any sorts. I'm currently consulting a New York lawyer about the legitimacy of the "Garden City Group" but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. See what you think: The Original E-Mail... The site it links to in the e-mail is www.steelesettlement.com. This has direct links to gardencitygroup.com both by whois records and actual DNS records. Both sites are hosted by twtelecom.net which appears to be a managed network provider in CO. The e-mail w
  8. The best policy would be to disable the wireless card. Phil
  9. The question I must ask is, why? If you can use a cable, that is the best plan. Phil
  10. Does your modem tell you what your sync rate is? This is usually a good indication of what your actual maximum connection speed is. Here is an example of the stats my modem gives me: Phil
  11. Can't say I fully understand what you want to do. At first it looks like you want to connect both the laptop and the computer to the router wirelessly. If this is the case, disconnect the cable between the two and use the Windows zero config utility to connect to the network. Then it looks like you want to use your computer as a wireless access point rather than the router. If this is the case... why? Phil
  12. phil


    This is still not fixed. I appreciate your ignoring this post, but seriously - it's just poor administration. Phil
  13. phil


    Well, it's been a while since I've posted here... Still... I subscribed to a topic yesterday as I quite urgently needed a reply. The e-mails I got about this however, didn't go down too well with the SpamAssassin that I run on my mail server. This is not really a case of misdiagnosis but more of bad e-mails being sent. Is there any way you can tweak the mailer settings to fix some of the above? At least adding a Subject to the e-mails would be a start and make it fall just under my detection limit. I'm sure I can't have the only spam filter that's marking these e-mails wrongly.
  14. Each device must either be assigned a static IP or one of them must be running a DHCP server. Phil
  15. With a router in the way, it is highly unlikely. Phil
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