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  1. Fly: XoftSpySE found the Trojan several times. I did ignore it once.
  2. RAH: Thanks for all your attempts to help. Did try one more time, was unsuccessful. Have gone back to 1.04's. Password works fine there so problem with SMP lies somewhere else. Betas can be quirky but believe problem lies elsewhere. If Pande wants more help he needs to knuckle down; it's not up to us out in the field to solve these software problems: we've already put out a considerable outlay. I really feel for Fish.
  3. Incidently, I caught a Trojan in file foo.exe Something to watch out for.
  4. RAH: I've read Pande's instructions and yours. Have had no success after at least 6 cleanups and downloads. I suspect it has something to do with the password but don't know what so I'm giving up fiddling around. I'll just continue to do what I can do for now. Sorry.
  5. I've tried SMP and it won't work for me. It says it's gone to work and is using the CPU but is producing nothing. I've read Pande's instructions carefully and reloaded app 3 times with same result. Bah, humbug! I have found there is something to be desired in the instructions...not the first time. If Pande wants more help then he shouldn'd leave people like me guessing!
  6. Will give SMP a try once current WU's are complete. But, don't like the idea that there is no checkpoint as there is a need to restart from time to time. Also, stability is a problem with Florida Power and Light even with APC's; it's the worst company I've ever experienced with frequent outages and large voltage variances. Also, the Beta version seems to have unresolved problems that even Pande alludes. At my age, problems I don't need.
  7. RAH: Sorry, I didn't make it clear, I have NVidia not ATI so though the box is powerful it doesn't fit in with Stanford.
  8. Using a Dell XPS 710. Unfortunately, it doesn't help [email protected] but it's great for gaming.
  9. Is there any other word other than WOW? Hope to return soon. Have been having some difficulties except for one old box.
  10. Good luck at boot camp! We'll try to hold up our end.
  11. Thanks again RAH: I was auto updated to IE7. Tried your solution. 2 WU's kicked out of queue. One, earliest, didn't. We'll see...maybe later or never. Even before now I've had an occasional one stick in the queue forever. Sent an E-mail to Pande group about this current problem but never received an answer so glad to hear from you RAH.
  12. Update: Have 2 WU's in same queue & a new one working. What goes? Collection server won't collect...code 503.
  13. Sorry to read members are turning away. I've had my share of problems with Stanford's servers. Either refusing to serve me new work until I upgraded to a new version or refusing to accept completed work and forcing it into a queue where it remains forever after many tries to get accepted until a new log is started. What a waste of my time and resources! If Pande wants to complain about what we are doing, he should be looking to what his own people are doing first. I'm loosing interest in fighting his computers while trying to help out.
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