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    k7sem mobo, 40 gig hd, cd-rw, dvd, 512 meg ram, amd duron 1.2 cpu
  1. Or for keyboard shortcut monkeys, ctrl + + to zoom in, ctrl + - to zoom out.
  2. Do you want to generate random text in a Word document? You might ask why anybody would want to! Well, supposing you had an important blog post/letter/assignment/report to write or already written to which you wanted to add formatting or a new style or even create your own style and you don’t want to risk messing up your precious work. You could save a copy to work with. Or you could type some gobbledygook (but his would be time consuming and a pain). You could copy and paste some text off the internet or from elsewhere to play with. Here’s a tip you may, like me find a quicker, better
  3. Just deleting files doesn't erase them from the hard drive - they can be recovered by third party programs. You can also buy third party products that will securely and permanently erase the data, but did you know that there is a command line tool in Windows 7 that will do it for you. It's the Cipher command, and here's how it works: 1. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges by right clicking cmd.exe and selecting "Run as Administrator." 2. At the prompt, type cipher /w drive:\folder, substituting the drive letter and folder path for "drive" and "folder." For example, to erase th
  4. The main purpose of this gadget is to save your time. You can simply re-use previous clipboard content. You can also build a customized collection of your most commonly pasted items. You can easily timestamp your documents or remarks. The gadget is compatible with Windows Sidebar running on almost every Windows Vista machine. Thanks to janzeman.com
  5. Great tip Corpsecrank. I knew this could be done- just not how.
  6. Sorry, mate. You're wrong. You buy a licence to use your operating system. You don't own it. Infringe the licencing terms and you break the law. This is the point. While writers of software and musicians have the right to protect their intellectual property, there has to be a point where attempts to stop unauthorised use becomes intrusive. These 'protections' are not and cannot be designed to work with every-bodies system and genuine people who have done nothing wrong can find themselves having problems, because they were not aware of what is/was being installed.
  7. I don't quite get your drift. I am not licensing anything. The issue is with Sony's software/cd's. The point I am making is if they are going to use intrusive, undeclared software on their cd's, they can stick their hardware. And don't forget, it is technologically possible to put this stuff on a chip in their hardware that could make it unusable if the software detects, right or wrong, a licence infringement. It is not possible to encompass all circumstances, and a 'catchall' policy will be used. And if Sony get away with it, others will soon follow. I still maintain it is the thin end of the
  8. When they decide it would be good to include other stuff, will you still be happy? Like tracking software that installs itself silently? When their hidden software takes down your expensive equipment, because it doesn't work well with your setup, will you still feel it's ok? This is the thin end of the wedge, and if they get away with it they will surely expand their intrusion. And you're telling them it's OK. Their hardware may well be good. Doesn't give them the right to exploit us. If the Kremlin had done something like this 20 years ago, the world would be at their door- and I don't thin
  9. There's only one thing they will understand. Stop buying Sony. not just cd's but all their products. Tell friends and family- explain what is happening. Hit them where it hurts.
  10. I know this post is a little old, but thanks to faith_michele for the links. Since Microsoft's product documentation can be a little difficult to absorb, I thought I might help by giving a short description here and how defragmentation is affected by it. The paging file is basically a reserved space on the hard drive where windows dumps stuff from your physical memory which is not in use. It does this so that rather than closing unused programs and having to open them again, it can quickly retrieve them from here, with unsaved work/changes intact. It is also known as virtual memory, which is a
  11. Try it and see if you are happy with it. If not, change it back.
  12. profhig

    How to.....

    OK. I admit I am being mercenary and am after the $100 to put towards an upgrade. But you might find this useful. I know I did. If you are like me and have several applications open at once, but fairly often want to get to your desktop it can be a blinding nuisance clicking to minimize several windows. And you might also find yourself rushing and closing an application accidentally. I only found this recently, so it probably isn’t common knowledge. Just hold down the widows/start button on your keyboard and press D. Hey-presto! Instant desktop. And all your windows are minimized. :cheers:
  13. thanks for the replies, all you folks. i think the issue is now resolved. the thing that seems to have fixed the problem was running a windows file check. (sfc /scannow) this was obviously after getting rid of stuff found. is it possible that the offending scumware disguised itself as a windows file or executable and the sfc fixed it? i would be interested in any comments. also i used a couple of online scans which found issues not seen by installed software. just as an aside, i am not totally satisfied with windows anti spyware. i think it may have been reporting a false positive. then today,
  14. OK, thanks. I am currently trying some online scans to try to remove the problem. No luck yet, but will post back if there is any success. Ta!
  15. I have some issues I need help with. My anti spyware programs have found windupdate.media access and I have cleaned all active instances. However, every time I log on, Microsoft anti-spyware tells me it is trying to reload itself, which I block each time. I am unable to find the program or executable which is doing this, although I have removed all programs I feel may be responsible. Can anybody help? The only thing I feel doubtful about is a coolbuddy screensaver my son uses. I do not want to remove this until I can be sure it is the problem. Can anybody tell me if this is an ‘undesirable’? H
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