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  1. Thanks Intel Guy, I did not know that.
  2. Thanks IntelGuy, I figured that was the case.
  3. I suppose none of the tests work with Microsoft Edege, yet? Or has anyone figured out a work around?
  4. Seeing all the others with millions of points and thousands of work units is pretty humbling. Congrats to all who are helping and have helped.
  5. I remember back in the day I could see my old PC's and the new one all at the same time. It says I can have a max of 10 and show I have 4. How do I pull each one or all of them up? The only one I seem to be able to get is my latest? Thanks! PS Talking about my overdrive scores.
  6. I have had an MSI X48c Platinum for almost a year now. Well the BIOS settings for overclocking would not work, other than that the board worked fine. So I sit through 2 days of tech support with an MSI tec. The phone support was actually quite good, it was the service afterwords that leaves something to be desired. First of all I have to pay to send them the board. At the time this board cost a good penny and that really made me angry. Then on top of that I would be out of luck for one to two weeks. Now I am smoking. So today I get an email with a picture attached stating...
  7. Excellent, that looks much better. Congrats on a good score!
  8. Your score for the most part is good. Your video score on the other hand seems a little low for an 8800GT? What is your desktop color depth set to? You only need 16bit while running the tests, this will help your score. I don't know if that is the reason your low video score, but it can't hurt. Also defrag your C drive and get rid of the craplets.
  9. The remark I made was just fine as you are a bit confused. Just look at your grammar etc. and you are going to complain about a typo I made. You come off as an intrusive idiot with nothing better to do, get a life. I tell you what, the day you become a moderator here I will then worry about what you have to say. Until that time, kiss off and mind your own buisness.
  10. Finally hit over 8000 with minor FSB and RAM overclocking. The system is air cooled but quiet and stable. Don't need to go any higher. 8310
  11. Maybe your confused, I just hit 8000 2 days ago. So all I did was edit my score from 7796. So while I celibrate my new score, you can...
  12. 8000 Slight overclocking of the FSB.
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