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  1. Definitely not going unnoticed, always watching the numbers...
  2. Project : 5904 Core : Unknown Frames : 100 Credit : 1680 I've had quite a few of these complete but as RAH stated none on the list but again...seems I'm getting the points according to my totals.... EDIT: [email protected] project descriptions Project 5904 This project is a constant-temperature simulation of the alpha/beta protein L, started from folded and unfolded states, using an implicit solvation model. The simulation component is identical to project 5760. This project is meant as a test of a new simulation core. These are full production runs designed to be run on the GPU clients. We plan to compare ensembles of long trajectories at various temperatures to native and unfolded ensembles characterized by single-molecule experiments performed by our collaborators. Points and deadlines: project points deadline timeout forcefield temperature p5904 1680 3 days 5 days ff96 300K Found the above but still not listed on my [email protected] Page as having any completed.....
  3. I would have no idea where they would be going but I've done a bunch of "5904's" according to Fahmon though not a single one has shown up on the [email protected] contributions by team and project page.....seems I am getting the points but no 5904's just 5900, 5902 and 5903's listed.
  4. Sorry to hear that cm.....one of my bigger fears.....the capacitors going bad......what brand and model did you lose?? I've had some odd noises coming out of one of my psus making me a bit paranoid.....hope electrical issues aren't catching......thanks for the info..
  5. I speak from experience on this one.....mine rests at 660 core clock up from 550 stock and gets over 4500 ppd. Same card at stock core was running at around 3700 ppd on various work units...not to shabby either. EDIT: Was so excited I forgot the link....lol http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...ygtCjCVRqCjCVRq Current 5506 WU below on the same 8800 GS.....core @ 660 Min. Time / Frame : 1mn 31s - 4557.36 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 1mn 31s - 4557.36 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 1mn 31s - 4557.36 ppd Current 5504 WU on 8800 GS......core @660 Min. Time / Frame : 1mn 25s - 4879.06 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 1mn 25s - 4879.06 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 1mn 25s - 4879.06 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 1mn 25s - 4879.06 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 1mn 20s - 5184.00 ppd Current 5506 running on a 9800GTX for comparison sake....Core @ 820 Min. Time / Frame : 1mn 06s - 6283.64 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 1mn 06s - 6283.64 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 1mn 07s - 6189.85 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 1mn 06s - 6283.64 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 1mn 06s - 6283.64 ppd Current 5504 on 9800 GTX.....core @ 820 Min. Time / Frame : 1mn 03s - 6582.86 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 1mn 03s - 6582.86 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 1mn 03s - 6582.86 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 1mn 03s - 6582.86 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 1mn 02s - 6689.03 ppd
  6. Congrats Michael B your efforts are much appreciated.....now, on to 4 million.....
  7. Thanks for the info RAH... Got an EUE on that 4717 and not too concerned as to why but just completed one of those little 98 pointers (4707 I believe) and all is good....avereaging over 2500ppd. on this puter while doing these smaller units ....now working on another. As far as oc the board comes stock at 800/1170 and using the ATI Tool ya can only go up to 840/1170. I did the optimal settting test or whatever it's called and it put me at 830/1170 which runs 65-66c and never saw it waver from that. I will keep a close eye on it for heat issues and hope to get my AC up and running....gonna need it I have a feeling Thanks again.
  8. Took me quite a bit of time to get this set up on my 6420 running @3.2 but seems to be doing fine so far...To use the proc. for GPU folding I had to sacrifice the smp client though am earning roughly 600ppd more using the GPU/regular client combo. Not the final destination for this VisionTek 3870OC but will do until I get the C2D 2160 installed and up to speed. I believe I'm most pleased to be using 99% of both the GPU and the remaining core....didn't really think that would be the case but I'm using all the card has to offer on that big 4717... More info later all... EDIT: According to Fahmon and hopefully accurate: -- GPU_3870 -- Min. Time / Frame : 12mn 08s - 2160.00 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 12mn 08s - 2160.00 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 12mn 08s - 2160.00 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 12mn 08s - 2160.00 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 14mn 26s - 1815.80 ppd
  9. -- 5600_2 -- Min. Time / Frame : 30mn 57s - 997.53 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 31mn 19s - 985.85 ppd No Cur. Time / Frame No R3F. Time / Frame No Eff. Time / Frame -- 5600_1 -- Min. Time / Frame : 29mn 55s - 1031.99 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 30mn 35s - 1009.49 ppd No Cur. Time / Frame No R3F. Time / Frame Barely making the 3065 (ABOVE) on my X2 5600s at stock but still making them according the the numbers RAH provided....the mobos I am using on them really don't allow for any kind of oc or I would. I'm guessing much less or anything less on the AMD platform won't make these 3065s...no issues with making the 3064 (BELOW) though I don't believe: Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong about making these on time as it would be just a waste of time to keep doing these imo if I can't meet the preferred deadline....thanks. -- 5600_2 -- Min. Time / Frame : 21mn 14s - 1188.85 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 21mn 14s - 1188.85 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 21mn 17s - 1186.05 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 21mn 16s - 1186.98 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 21mn 17s - 1186.05 ppd -- 5600_1 -- Min. Time / Frame : 20mn 39s - 1222.43 ppd Avg. Time / Frame : 20mn 39s - 1222.43 ppd Cur. Time / Frame : 20mn 40s - 1221.45 ppd R3F. Time / Frame : 20mn 39s - 1222.43 ppd Eff. Time / Frame : 20mn 48s - 1213.62 ppd
  10. Just in case anyone notices and wonders about my points the next few days I'm heading out of state Thur-Sun and going to be shutting my X9000 laptop down for that period of time.... chat with ya'll later....have a good weekend all...
  11. Hope your days been a great one.....
  12. Great accomplishment RAH on your million...... . Also, lots of exciting news on the GPU front.....will have a dedicated GPU folder when the client is released....set and ready to unleash....
  13. Absolutely MeltDown, I've ran so many procs. to their limit for so long and honestly have only lost one in over 4 years of folding mostly 24/7....both AMD and Intel.....extremely reliable processors even under 24/7 100% load conditions for months at a time and again have only lost one. Thanks for posting...
  14. If you boys wanna get some real use out of those four cores or for that matter c2d run the [email protected] program... http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html Feel like I'm kinda spamming but seriously, if you want to use'em for what their for this is one way to do it, have some good competitive fun and just maybe help find some cures or at least curtail some serious diseases that chances are have affected someone you know. We have a Top 75 team (32035) here at the Pitstop and can always use more processing power. Also, Sony teamed with Pandegroup ([email protected]) and created the same that currently can be downloaded and ran on the PS3....point being this is legitimate and alot of $$$ are being put up on this type of research. If you think you may be interested just follow the link in my signature below:
  15. WOW!!......Major congatulations to you and your significant other Onecool..... .....Teach him well bro...
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