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  1. Looks like dickster got a new "toy".....point production up for a bit now. I'd like to upgrade but a bit cost prohibitive now.....maybe I'll find a decent Black Friday deal this year.
  2. Congrats muttonhunter......mad respect for ya.....
  3. Mad respect to muttonhunter......on the cusp of a billion points 15 years in the making......I feel blessed to be able to fold alongside those present and past.....thanks all.....
  4. Hello everyone!! I was curious if the buy/sell forum had any kind of activity. I was asked for a password when I attempted to access which made me wonder if I had to be given a "special" password by an administrator or if maybe the forum was just dead. Not around much so forgive my ignorance if the answer is obvious......lol
  5. Hello everyone!! I recently did a fresh install of Windows and was wondering what version of driver will yield me better results.....honestly not sure if it's the latest and supposedly greatest driver I installed or just the fluidity of the work units given out but seems to not be chugging along as efficiently as before my Windows reinstall. I'm currently running Ver. 430.64 which is the most current certified that I'm aware of. Any thoughts appreciated....
  6. You tell us CM...............think often about you and as Tx said blessed you checked in. As for me I'm just doing my thing.
  7. Ah work was getting the best of me for awhile and life in general. I think everyone knows how that goes. I only learned of CB passing maybe a couple weeks ago when I checked in and I became very inspired to fold again. It's good to see so many familiar people still around the Pitstop after all these years.
  8. Miss ya CB..... here to honor and pick up your slack..........God bless.
  9. You doing ok dickster.....I've never seen dickster fall off the grid ever in 13 plus years of folding....just thinking of ya if you read this.
  10. I'm running a Gigabyte 1080G1 on air Guns. This past August I played the F5 game and thought I was real fortunate to have picked up a EVGA 1080FTW but it had the black screen issue with the fans spinning up as I'm sure your aware of so it had to go back to Newegg and they refunded me rather than replace it. Made be a bit hesitant and sour to order another EVGA 1080 so I went with the Gigabyte. Seems as if EVGA has kind of got their act together now on these cards and in the future would be willing to try another. If I went for an FE it would definitely need a block to make the best use out
  11. I run one 1080 24/7 and get roughly 800,000 points per day with it running at around 2000 MHz.....my average has been down a bit but when all is humming along it does pretty well.....hope that helps......that's some kind of production out of those 980's you have....I just assumed you were running a 1080 Titan or two with water blocks.... ....very impressive to say the least. Please let us know what you end up doing.
  12. Probably around less than both you and I combined though I have no real knowledge. I've thought of him many a time as well as a lot of the old timers......maybe someone who's around a bit more may know something..... EDIT: Last Active Jul 28 2014 02:47 PM so it's been awhile for Intra.....I really assumed you two were still in touch. Glad to see you post OneCool....
  13. Yea, we aren't doing to shabby....maybe once the weather cools we'll pick up a few more folders.
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