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  1. Just found out that my graphics card isn't supported for this game. Guess it's time to upgrade finally. Can anyone recommend some good graphics cards? I'm sitting here with Oblivion in my hands but I can't play it so I want to upgrade as soon as possible, I just don't know anything about graphic cards. Are they easy to install? Or should I get someone that knows what they are doing to install it for me?
  2. Still doing the same thing. hmm, guess it might be time for me to pick up another mouse. Maybe the left click button is messed up somehow.
  3. no it's not that, It does the same thing when I hit my back button on my browser. It goes back like 2 or 3 pages, instead of just going back once. I have my folder's set to open with double click and my programs open with single click. I should have said that I have my programs set to single click. I made a mistake, it was really late when I posted this last night. Like when I click the smilies to my left on this messege, it adds about 2 or 3 of the same smiley to the messege.
  4. I tried that, but I'm still having the same problem.
  5. This problem is so annoying, for the last two or three weeks sometimes when I go to doubleclick a program to open it, it opens up that program 2 or 3 times. It's like my mouse button is clicking more times then it's supposed to. For example: If I open up a folder and theres another folder and I open that one too. When I go to hit the back button it will back out of both folder's. There's nothing wrong with my Mouse and I've checked the mouse settings in the control panel. Like when I go to hit the back arrow to leave this page, it'll send me back two or three pages. Hopefully I explained it well enough....Anyone have any idea what could cause this? :help: There's another example, I just clicked the "Help smiley" and two of them appeared in the messege instead of the one. I just deleted the 2nd smiley. What the heck is going on
  6. I'm a little confused at Volt's and Tim53819's post I asked how to take a screenshot and HammerSlammer told me , so I said thanks, I got it. What did you not understand about my thank you???
  7. I know I'm an idiot , I hit Print Scrn button, but nothing happens, where do I go to find my Screenshot after I hit the Button Shaun
  8. Thanks Kylie and Jim, those are just what I'm looking for, I have another question though can I get rid of all TMP files without messing my computer up
  9. I was wondering if there was any program I could use to clean up my computer, I have alot of empty folders, useless files, dead links,etc...I also have left over files from when I removed games and such in my Control panel, for example I had a game I removed from the add/remove section in the control panel, but if I type the name of the game in search, empty files or dead links come up with the name of the game I thought I had removed, even if there not bothering my computer, if I don't need them I'd like to get rid of all the files and folders I don't need thanks, Shaun
  10. Wow!!! They just finished installing it, this is Soooo much faster than Dial Up. now I want something to Download..lol BigDog
  11. Hi, I'm finally upgrading from a 56k modem to a cable modem today, my question is, I've never used a cable Modem before, will I notice a big difference when connecting, surfing the web, downloading, and playing online games? I know it's faster, but how much of a difference will there be? Is there anything I should know about a Cable modem compared to a 56k modem? thanks BigDog
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