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  1. This is very sad. I hope Y's family is coping as best they can.
  2. I haven't logged in a while, so to read this is pretty sad. Take it easy IG and condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Hi all, I've been using the chrome web browser for a while now and just thought I'd pass on a useful tip for those who like to fill the screen with web content, rather than browser toolbars. By default, the Chrome browser comes without the bookmarks toolbar showing - but sometimes it is a useful thing to have. To enable it; Ctrl Shift and B To disable it, it's exactly the same combination. Now there is no need to have your bookmarks either constantly hidden, or on show - toggle between both options with ease. Quick edit: If you're familiar with the Firefox bookmark toolbar and want to use those bookmarks in Chrome .. Go into Firefox bookmarks manager and export those bookmarks using HTML .. you can now import those directly into Chrome and they act the same way.
  4. Pretty similar over here actually. You don't need to go into a pub that doesn't allow smoking. You can however stand outside until you've finished.
  5. The smoking ban is the best thing that has happened for a very long time to this country.
  6. I bloody love Monty Python. Cheers for the link ffr2.
  7. Wigan


    Hi all, Just stumbled across a site that is simple and very easy to use. In fact, you just add it as a homepage and the rest takes care of itself. It's Fav4.org. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMNdqwrxhHc&feature=player_embedded You can choose from a large variety of sites that can be in your top 4 by clicking the 'site settings' page and following the instructions. Set the page as your homepage and have easy access to those sites straight away. Hope you find it useful.
  8. I've gone all dizzy.. I liked the old school yellow
  9. Exactly. I have a quad core AMD rig at the moment and use it for extensive video editing, it's quick; but I'd love to see what six, or 12 cores could achieve. Less time rendering = more money for me.
  10. Cheers guys. It's relatively easy to do, you just need time and patience and to make sure everything is as focused as it should be. I use a Sony DSLR A330, but when it comes to clouds, any decent camera should be OK with the exposure. Using a DLSR, set everything to manual and aim for about 1/100 shutter and F16 ish, for bright sky. Edited using Premiere Pro CS4.
  11. I've done another. This time it involves clouds ( well, exclusively involves them ) http://vimeo.com/10620430
  12. Wigan

    Stream Radio In VLC

    Hi all, If you don't have a radio, or fancy streaming music from your PC without the need to keep a web browser open - VLC makes it pretty easy. First of all, if you haven't got it - get VLC player; http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Now find the stream you would like to listen to; many websites are available that list streams, here is small selection; BBC Streams Live-Radio.net Stream Finder UK + Irish Radio Streams After installing VLC, open it and click on 'Media', the navigate to 'Advanced Open File', click on the third tab along 'Network' Now, to get the link from station you want to listen to, you first of all need to find the station, then copy and paste the URL from the streaming website. This can either be done by clicking the link and copy and pasting it from the web address box, or right clicking and selecting 'copy' or 'copy link location'. This link can then be pasted into the 'Network' box on VLC, you can then click 'Play' located in the bottom right. Your station should buffer, then play. In order to minimise VLC to the taskbar, right click on the cone logo near the clock and click 'Hide VLC Media Player in the Taskbar'. Now, you should be streaming radio, without any unnecessary dialogue boxes open - or without the need to keep your web browser open.
  13. I've added an updated version of me.
  14. Hi all, I thought I might as well post this tip because I do it all the time. Running Internet Explorer 8 with no add-ons. Particularly useful if all you want to do is run Windows Update through IE. The browser loads quickly and there is a link on the home page to take you directly to the update page. Also pretty useful if you've tweaked your Internet Explorer a little too much and it can't stop crashing; It will help you troubleshoot the problem. To get to the stripped down version of IE; Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) (If like me you only use this version to update windows, why not create a shortcut of that icon and place it somewhere more accessible)
  15. Cheers KRAM. I have another planned that includes the demolition of a row of terraced houses. I just have to wait for the bulldozer to start things off!
  16. Hi all, Whilst I am aware there isn't much photography discussion that goes on in this sub forum - I thought I'd share the first time lapse I've ever done. The view is of Salford Quays, quite close to Manchester Uniteds ground and very close to the new development that is BBC Media City. It was a clear, crisp and cold evening; http://vimeo.com/9936727
  17. On the first picture it reads; Optimize yor system.. Only a small error, but immediately noticeable for me.
  18. Hi all, After rooting around Amazon for deals on various products, I thought about finding a way to categorise these into specific sections - like 50% off etc.. Turns out this has already been done. Here in the UK we have www.MoneySavingExpert.com and they have a tool called 'Amazon Discount Finder'. You input the data and it will root about and see what Amazon UK has to offer; http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/...-loopholes#tool In the US, there is a tool of the same name that does exactly the same thing, from BeFrugal.com ; http://www.befrugal.com/tools/amazon-discount-finder/ So if you're planning on buying something from Amazon, might as well check there first.
  19. Thanks. I've signed up and bookmarked it.
  20. Honestly cannot believe this thread is still going. If you believe in God, fair enough. If you don't, fair enough. It affects absolutely nothing about the way we choose to live our lives. We're born, we live, we die. Some people like to live in bungalows, others prefer houses. Why do those in bungalows not repeatedly go on about 'how great it is to live in a bungalow, rather than a house?' Because that would be daft.
  21. Got to be a wind up, surely. Good fun though, but to the guy who started it - get some fresh air and a pint.. you deserve it.
  22. Did the author of the bible go to University? I'm there now and I bet he did..
  23. If God cannot lie, why do lies exist?
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