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  1. I've uploaded my favourite pictures to Picasa, which can be viewed here; https://picasaweb.google.com/PieManDan/Azura23rdJuly2010To4thFeb2011?authkey=Gv1sRgCJGwrNnegL29SQ&feat=directlink I appear in hardly any, most are landscapes - others are friends. The guy in the blue hoody + black tank top is an Aussie mate of mine - We took a walking trip around Montego Bay.. Interesting place to say the least.. Over the next few weeks I'll get the video footage uploaded, because I need to update my showreel anyway.
  2. Haha, ahh women .. I love women. Only got about 200 decent photographs, but must have about 500gb of video that I really like.. It's going to take some time to sort through..
  3. Well hello everyone! I have returned. I actually came back on the 5th of Feb, but 5 days of jet lag and 5 days of catching up with 'real life' have kept me away from the web. Job went well and I have managed to secure a better job with Royal Caribbean International. (was working with P&O) So, what's changed at the Pit? Edit: Also, got loads and loads of epic sunset footage - over the next few weeks, I'll edit it and post it here to show what I've been up to.
  4. Like I said, good on him. Can't really play the 15 year old card though, considering what he has achieved..
  5. Meh, fair play to him but I like this bit best; Interestingly, it seems he can't hold a job down in a Sushi bar Bankers did a similar thing with peoples money.. they traded it.. it got bigger and bigger .. then they lost it.. back to square one.
  6. Cheers Joe, but that's grim..
  7. Cheers nigsy, I'll see how many time lapses I can produce over the 6 months - hopefully a fair few!
  8. Cheers everyone! I like how it's descended into .. Andrew, I have to get a C1D Crewman Visa and a Burmudan Discharge book - the Visa enables me to get all around the Americas, but that costs (I'm not sure why) .. I need a few other Visas as well, but the Australian one can be applied for online, for freeeee when I get my Seamans passport. They must have changed some international policy somewhere I'm guessing.
  9. I certainly did, that's for sure.
  10. 3 years at Salford University. Really enjoyed it, but I was feeling rather down after finishing the other week. Obviously I wanted to carry on doing what I've been doing, but there's slim pickings for a 'newbie'. I'm just glad these guys ignored the fact I've recently finished and actually looked at my work. I almost ended up filming kitchen appliances in Bolton.
  11. Thanks JonTom.. It's a lot of work, but that's what I went to University for.
  12. :lol: Cheers! Just need my visa from the US Embassy now.. Might be in for a lonnnng wait.
  13. Haha, my Dad said that! There's absolutely no chance on the actual ship though.. It's a high class package with ultra expensive prices - average age is around 65! The female photographers however..
  14. Cheers Terry! They told me at 3pm and I'm still bouncing around haha
  15. Hi all, Just had a long, long day in Southampton being interviewed for a job.. It's a 6 months on, 2 months off contract and it definitely has its perks!! AND I managed to get it! It's on a blimmin' P&O Cruiseliner!! :mrgreen: I'm their only videographer, so I'm absolutely over the moon - the next 6 months will see me travel pretty much around the world doing what I love to do.. Photography and Film making!! woooohooo!
  16. What a poor showing that was yesterday - we looked completely clueless second half, Germany were running rings around us. Up the Ghana!
  17. I personally think Uruguay will probably prove too much for Ghana, their squad is far more experienced. Overall winners? I'm going for Argentina. 1. Because I like watching Maradonna act like a mentalist on the touchline. 2. They just seem like the real deal.. Messi and Tevez are unstoppable. If the final where to be between Brazil and Argentina, we're hopefully in for a real cracker.
  18. I'll reserve judgement until tomorrow I think - massive game for us, so hopefully we'll start playing some decent footy. It's a 3pm kick off here as well, meeting at the pub for half 1 so I highly doubt I'll be on here straight after the result; regardless of which way it goes My mate has put a ridiculous bet on Suarez .. 1000/1 for Uruguay to win the world cup with Suarez top goal scorer of he tournament. I'm not fussed how that game pans out to be honest, Ghana have already triumphed for Africa with that win, but it would be nice for them to march on.
  19. Cheers Bruce. Good game vs Ghana, I didn't expect that second goal in the first half of extra time, I really didn't expect them to stick hold of the lead. Brazil 2014 should see the US gain greater ground I think.
  20. There's also that fact.. I don't mind the US, but like you say if we were to lose to Germany and you lot get through, English football has serious questions to answer. Ghana are looking good at the moment though, the US are playing with no confidence.
  21. Sorry guys, but it's all about Ghana for me. My Mum used to live there as a child and since Cameroon went out, it's the Black Stars all the way!
  22. Hi all, Just thought I'd share a website I use regularly for videos that I either produce, or edit; http://www.freesound.org/ Well worth a look if you need sounds that you can't produce yourself. It's free to sign up and is required if you would like to download the sounds. It also has a large library of sound packages.. Atmospheres etc. Great site.
  23. With the added spice of Beckenbauer spewing off to the press in Germany.. We simple have to win this game!!
  24. I've used Linux, Windows & Mac over the years and still have never had a virus or anything of the sort.. It's pretty much all the same to me. However, having grown up with Windows in its many forms, I still prefer it. Swings and roundabouts, init.
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