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  1. This is very sad. I hope Y's family is coping as best they can.
  2. I haven't logged in a while, so to read this is pretty sad. Take it easy IG and condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Not as far as im aware .. Everything works fine
  4. Can you not just put that you're under 13? .. That's what i always do so it didn't need registering ..
  5. Wigan


    Yeah, that first one is just mind blowing .. Thing is though, it looks so cool, but if an expert helped me build one to a similar standard i would treasure it more, because of having a hand in it and all that.. Buying someone else's hard work kind of defeats the object i reckon .. Still, if i had the money, that would be sat in my room now .. Edited: because of bad grammar ..
  6. Wigan


    Cool isn't it? .. Found another one, not quite as extravagant .. But, still looks the business .. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...OSI_PR4_PCN_BIX Just a quick edit .. There's also the other model to that one in the link .. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Predator-metal-handc...1QQcmdZViewItem If i had enough, i'd be well tempted to buy one ..
  7. Happy Birthday king-of-no-pants!!! Have a good 'un!!
  8. Happy Birthday Maligogo!!! Have a good 'un!!
  9. Wigan


    eBay : Alien Car Parts ..
  10. Looks alright .. Pearls a good name .. I own an ELX Pro kit made by Pearl .. That one on the website looks like a top end learner kit .. The one i had was basically rubbish, made by some unknown brand .. One thing you might find though with such kits is the cymbals aren't that good, like either wafer thin or give off a very tinny sound .. Not sure what the Pearl entry level cymbals are like, but it may be something to consider upgrading first, when the time comes ..
  11. It is utter mint! .. Yeah, get both .. Saves the hassle
  12. I've not, but I've listened to most of it on an AOL music sample page or something .. It's pretty good .. But Stadium Arcadium is 195% better!
  13. Happy Birthday Luis_GT!!! Sorry, miles too late .. Hope it was class! ..
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