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  1. Giving any file an extension unrecognised by Windows (i.e john.mypantsarebrown) results in this error. include the extension (as the above guys have suggested) and all with become good.
  2. This is when you restart from Windows? How about when you hit the Reset button?
  3. If you wanted to delete them you would need a CD-RW cd. Get some "Burning" software (I use Nero) and copy away.
  4. Wow. That's the first time I've seen a Miscrosoft support page be helpful, let alone fully answer the query.
  5. I really hate optical mouse and love cleaning my ball mouse, realising I was too rough and haing to go out and buy a new one. Dump the optical mouse and go back to ball.
  6. Have you checked Add/Remove programs to see if it installed something? Ad-Aware and Spybot get rid of single files, bad reg key and stuff. You may have a proggie installed that just runs and maintains your evil spyware things.
  7. There's a few links floating 'round somewhere of where to get HiJackThis!. Basically, stop all non-vital processes (including IM's, downloads/download monitors and anti-virus) and run HiJackThis!. Don't fix anything, as you'll probably, like most of us, have no clue as to what it all means. Post the log in the HJT forum and find help there. BootVis deletes your prefetch folder (basically the cache, the thing that tells the computer what you use most so it can load those things faster when requested) and makes a new one. Don't use unless you know what you're doing or under the instruction of someone else who does. So, booting in safe mode works. Do you have the latest drivers for your video card? Could be hardware, do you have access to parts you know are working, such as spare RAM, etc? Probably RAM if anything, but only check out hardware if nothing else people here suggest works.
  8. With the 9x Windows on older machines, wasn't it default to display the "It is now safe to shut down..." message and have the user turn off using the power button? Now, of course almost all the machine's one comes across shut down automatically, if the user shuts them down at all and the power button turns off the comp if held down. If the computer is 7 years old, does it matter that you have to manually turn it off? Have we become this lazy?
  9. I had a problem similar to this when I built my box. What have you run on it? My problem stemmed from a BootVis temp, I just had to run BootVis again the problem disappeared. Might be something running at startup, since Safe Mode doesn't do autorun stuff. Have you posted a HiJackThis! log?
  10. Hmm...this one's out of my league. Try reinstalling 10 or revert back to 9 series? That's the only other advice I can give.
  11. The sound is coming from your speakers? You sure you haven't damaged them, like dropping them from a height or turning them up too loud? Invest a few dollars in some headphones, or use your discman/iPod earphones and see if the static is still there.
  12. Where is this memory allocated then? On the stack it is placed, how can the amount of RAM you have not affect how much memory can be allocated?
  13. Can't say I've come across that problem before, especially since wmv is Widonws Media Video. Check out the file associations you've got. Is wmv assigned to Media Player? Can you still turn it off? Divx Codec. It may not mean anything, but it's nice to have anyway.
  14. What ad/spyware scans did you run? Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D are my first choice. If you're problems are that major: 1. Always check your running processes if you see something out of the ordinary and end anything being run by you that you didn't run. 2. Get Fresh UI from that site I can't remember and check out just what's being run at start up. 3. Run HiJackThis! and pst a log in the HJT fourm.
  15. You haven't screwed over your machine or anything. You should immunize after each update. The immunization is just like what you'd get for hepatitis or measles, just for your computer. You've simply decreased the chances of getting some of the currently known stuff. If you do happen to get it the scan will take care of it. You did the right thing by immunizing.
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