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  1. Wow very impressive I may have to look into an upgrade and give this to my Grandson ,, I'm intrigued with the PCIe 4 and raid as well with a few m.2 nvme so disappointed with current limitations
  2. @5.3GHZ all 8 cores , going to try and break the 50k mark before jumping on the 9900KS when it comes out man I used to have to run my old QX9650 on phase change Vapochill just to break the 5.2 mark .. I feel I can hit 5.4 no problem on water but will try this weekend 50203 @ 5.3ghz .. i can go to sleep now
  3. thanks guys upped to a RTX 2080super from the budget gtx1650 card (well multiple cards on the way to this one lol ) and 32GB Ram this gigabyte Board runs better with all 4 slots used (T Topology ) but I think if I start all over one of those new threadrippers look very tempting but i'm running at 5.3ghz all 8 cores rock solid but cant get this to post a pit test but i'll keep trying man I read about Caintry and IG a few weeks ago I had no idea what happened so sad ,, 2 great guys will be surely missed ,, sucks being out of it for so long
  4. @ 5.2ghz was at 5.3ghz yesterday but still having a hekuva time getting the tests to complete https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26068624&report=Summary
  5. yeah i'm going to be building a few for the kids and the grandkids ,,, i havent been in it for a long time so its cool to see the advancements in tech
  6. i was reading up on it prior and pretty much was spot on i only saw an increase when setting the SSD benchmarks set to larger files for testing other than that standard testing was just a marginal increase i7 9700k @ 5hz EZ tune @ 5.0 so many adjustments available @ 5.0ghz XMP enabled  3 hours aida 64 Castle 360 EX Cougar Panzer evo rgb
  7. dude AMD is killin it right now and i have nothing against AMD at all and have had many AMD systems in the past way back with the fx65 ( i think it was called ) but i'm tied in with intel right now i didn't do enough research before jumping back in to the game but even still these systems are amazingly fast ... i think the most notable would be SSD drives and even more so are these NVME m.2 drives ,, the Samsung 970 evo + i'm just blown away ,,, although when i had 3 of them in raid 0 i saw no noticeable improvement in speed or bench tests .. edit : if i start over again i may also look into x299 chipsets upgraded Ram to 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance stock CPU clock
  8. going to set up a pc for my daughter so shes getting the msi board and the i5 9600k, i just picked up the Gigabyte aros 390 pro or whatever and popped in a i7 9700k running it with corsair AIO H115i RGB 280mm rad shes also getting the DDR4 vengeance Ram 2400 and i'll give 1 of the M.2 drives .. my 3200 will be in tomorow,, but in the mean time i'm liking this chip i wanted the i9 9900k but no one local had it in stock so this will do https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26063712&report=Summary
  9. Very Nice Tx ,, figured I'd give OC'ing a shot since I haven't done it in about 10 years .. and these new systems took all the fun out of it just click 1 game boost button in the bios (its there in the MSI app too but ya know old school ) ,, there are more settings I can mess with in the bios to over ride the default boost but I figure I'm running corsair vengeance ram its still only rated at 2400mhz ,, will mess with it when I swap it out for some 32gb vengeance RGB kit at 3200mhz but the test is kinda funky wouldn't let me load this one till I deleted the other for the same system but I think this is at 4.7ghz with the hyper 212 … I upgraded my case to the Tt v200 (budget) but its got good air flow so far never got over 60c full on stress testing the CPU for a while I imagine will get better as it the paste thins out ,,, nothing like my old Vapo chill ,, https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26063137&report=Summary i'm going to do a build for my daughter and I think this i5 9600k will go to her ,, I may try for the i9 9900k although I really don't know why as this chip seems great
  10. "if this needs to be moved plz feel free " I'm not sure what's up with the pcpitstop tests it certainly is a challenge but I've gotten a few tests to complete and am able to post but this is my recent build I was on a budget and started just upgrading my 12 yr old ABIT IX38 GT from the old pcpitstop forum wars days yeah I know most of you are going wth is abit anyway just wanted to upgrade cause my 4k dash cam videos wouldn't play with my dual 8800GTXs in SLI so I started with a newer budget video card then did a M.2 Samsung EVO plus using a PCIe x4 adapter worked great but wouldn't boot from it so here I am now again I went on a budget (for the most part) MSI board I5 9600k with evo hyper 212, corsair 16gb ram, and added a 2nd EVO plus 970 for raid 0 … I have a 3rd but its on the riser that I have been in and out with but may use in another build for my daughter https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062999&report=Summary and this is my old laptop with a few upgrades https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062665&report=Summary as for the tests they are very hit and miss at being able to get them to complete if interested I'll post my steps on getting there
  11. just got my new build to complete https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062999&report=Summary im not sure if this will help or just a coincidence but I run explorer as admin , I temp turned off pop up blocker and ran the test and got the same message about 20 min blah blah but I waited aprox 2 minutes and clicked the link to reload previous tests ,,, says they may not be there after 20 min tho so don't expect to reload a test from the day before hope this helps but again If I fig what to do i'll repost... but so far its still hit or miss
  12. http://www.ryston.cz/petr/bios/award.html http://www.dstyles.de/bios/en/ i hope you know what ya doin cause i wouldnt mess with it anyway i hope those help ya out
  13. i've had a bunch of Tt fans with never an issue with any of them ...... i also used the Tt UFO fan on my XP-90c ....... loved the fan contrller ................. Panaflo .............. didnt know if ya saw that yet :beer:
  14. Great job as usuall Ray .... awsome cooling systems in use for that one my fav was the silver with Red set up
  15. Good Point Sho ........... i have been puttin this Puter together for almost a year now .. and almost to where i want it only cause i'm not loaded either but did a heck of a lot of money wasting on .... Hmm this should work fine ..... :crash: ..... anyway i'll have mine finished just in time to start all over again
  16. mine were 200GB Sata 150 16mb cache with NCQ wouldnt boot at all and tried it on 2 same exact Fatality boards .................. i may have previously mentioned the wrong HD's and if so and they are working great then ............. thats great and appologize ............ :beer:
  17. i had 2 of those Maxtors and my current set up wouldnt even get to the POST with them plugged in ............. but work flawless in my P4 rig .......... did some research on it a while back and turned out many people had the same problem regardless of brand Mobo .... its a Maxtor/NF4 problem ........ said theres a firmware fix but still wont allow raid LINK funny thing is they came out of an NF3 setup and had been working fine ........... kind of a hit or miss with them
  18. Raptors are Fast but lack Storage Capacity .......... consider SATA 2 ..............i dont like. Seagates but stick with WD or Maxtor you should be fine .......... so it's up to your preference Capacity or Speed ...... or both with SATA 2 :beer:
  19. OCZ Link i installed a 600w powerstream in a buddies build and it was only the rear that lit blue
  20. i used to buy from them a few years ago ...... but when they took it upon themselves to substitute parts in an order and not tell me ( different MoBo and VGA card ....... and the MoBo they sent didnt even have an AGP slot ) ......... it forced me to look elsewhere thats when i found ZZF and Newegg ....... best there is IMO ........ as for the OS it will work fine .... but if you want to utilise the 64bit Capabilities of the CPU then get a 64bit OS ( XPpro 64 )
  21. tweaking the video can get you close to 2000 .... raid is lookin good for mixmatched HD's ...........
  22. you'll be able to feel the difference with Raid 0 .......... ZZF free 2day Fedex shipping on most parts is great IMO.. especially since Newegg has switched to UPS now 3 day shipping takes a week or more .. for me atleast
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