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  1. Wow Totally amazing ... wonder how well they OC
  2. 380w is pretty low the bios date looks old for the CPU installed i would check with the manufacturer to see if its supported by that bios . an update may be needed
  3. if you have the file update # KBxxxxx you can search for them on MS and manually d/l them and save them to your location of choice it will usually check to make sure the version you're currently using is legit Edit: you can check the file update #'s from previously installed updates in the add/remove section Edit:2 sometimes updates need to be installed in order and can cause a conflict if not properly installed so be careful & do so at your own risk
  4. as with buying anything used there is risk i personally prefer to buy/sell used parts with people i know or recommended by people i know i have bought and sold on eBay plenty of times with no issues but it always makes me nervous
  5. being that it has a AMD chip on board wouldnt that make it a ATI/AMD or since its also got the Intel chip it must be a new ATI/AMD/Intel Hybrid sorry i just dont see Nvidia in there
  6. 1 way you can tell if you have it already is rt click my computer > properties > should say it there ......
  7. restart the PC and tap F8 key you should have the option for safe mode and several other options as well try to find the one that says last known good configuration would be my 1st step
  8. I would start by entering the bios and making sure firewire is enabled
  9. better card the 2nd of the 2 better price 1st of the 2
  10. the 1st link is of a 8800GTS which is a very good card , but the 2nd link is a list of cards on the egg
  11. try updating the video driver
  12. both of these are very good /Auslogics_Disk_Defrag_d5266.html courtesy of Onecool http://www.kessels.com/JkDefrag/index.html courtesy of JDPower taken from here http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showforum=52
  13. might want to make sure your drivers are up to date
  14. moved to user to user ------------------------------------------------------------------ but i'd think it may be a software issue and not hardware
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