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  1. Wow very impressive I may have to look into an upgrade and give this to my Grandson ,, I'm intrigued with the PCIe 4 and raid as well with a few m.2 nvme so disappointed with current limitations
  2. @5.3GHZ all 8 cores , going to try and break the 50k mark before jumping on the 9900KS when it comes out man I used to have to run my old QX9650 on phase change Vapochill just to break the 5.2 mark .. I feel I can hit 5.4 no problem on water but will try this weekend 50203 @ 5.3ghz .. i can go to sleep now
  3. thanks guys upped to a RTX 2080super from the budget gtx1650 card (well multiple cards on the way to this one lol ) and 32GB Ram this gigabyte Board runs better with all 4 slots used (T Topology ) but I think if I start all over one of those new threadrippers look very tempting but i'm running at 5.3ghz all 8 cores rock solid but cant get this to post a pit test but i'll keep trying man I read about Caintry and IG a few weeks ago I had no idea what happened so sad ,, 2 great guys will be surely missed ,, sucks being out of it for so long
  4. @ 5.2ghz was at 5.3ghz yesterday but still having a hekuva time getting the tests to complete https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26068624&report=Summary
  5. yeah i'm going to be building a few for the kids and the grandkids ,,, i havent been in it for a long time so its cool to see the advancements in tech
  6. i was reading up on it prior and pretty much was spot on i only saw an increase when setting the SSD benchmarks set to larger files for testing other than that standard testing was just a marginal increase i7 9700k @ 5hz EZ tune @ 5.0 so many adjustments available @ 5.0ghz XMP enabled  3 hours aida 64 Castle 360 EX Cougar Panzer evo rgb
  7. dude AMD is killin it right now and i have nothing against AMD at all and have had many AMD systems in the past way back with the fx65 ( i think it was called ) but i'm tied in with intel right now i didn't do enough research before jumping back in to the game but even still these systems are amazingly fast ... i think the most notable would be SSD drives and even more so are these NVME m.2 drives ,, the Samsung 970 evo + i'm just blown away ,,, although when i had 3 of them in raid 0 i saw no noticeable improvement in speed or bench tests .. edit : if i start over again i may al
  8. going to set up a pc for my daughter so shes getting the msi board and the i5 9600k, i just picked up the Gigabyte aros 390 pro or whatever and popped in a i7 9700k running it with corsair AIO H115i RGB 280mm rad shes also getting the DDR4 vengeance Ram 2400 and i'll give 1 of the M.2 drives .. my 3200 will be in tomorow,, but in the mean time i'm liking this chip i wanted the i9 9900k but no one local had it in stock so this will do https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26063712&report=Summary
  9. Very Nice Tx ,, figured I'd give OC'ing a shot since I haven't done it in about 10 years .. and these new systems took all the fun out of it just click 1 game boost button in the bios (its there in the MSI app too but ya know old school ) ,, there are more settings I can mess with in the bios to over ride the default boost but I figure I'm running corsair vengeance ram its still only rated at 2400mhz ,, will mess with it when I swap it out for some 32gb vengeance RGB kit at 3200mhz but the test is kinda funky wouldn't let me load this one till I deleted the other for the same system but I
  10. "if this needs to be moved plz feel free " I'm not sure what's up with the pcpitstop tests it certainly is a challenge but I've gotten a few tests to complete and am able to post but this is my recent build I was on a budget and started just upgrading my 12 yr old ABIT IX38 GT from the old pcpitstop forum wars days yeah I know most of you are going wth is abit anyway just wanted to upgrade cause my 4k dash cam videos wouldn't play with my dual 8800GTXs in SLI so I started with a newer budget video card then did a M.2 Samsung EVO plus using a PCIe x4 adapter worked g
  11. just got my new build to complete https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062999&report=Summary im not sure if this will help or just a coincidence but I run explorer as admin , I temp turned off pop up blocker and ran the test and got the same message about 20 min blah blah but I waited aprox 2 minutes and clicked the link to reload previous tests ,,, says they may not be there after 20 min tho so don't expect to reload a test from the day before hope this helps but again If I fig what to do i'll repost... but so far its still hit or miss
  12. been a while since i did this but this was my work pc till recently now just use my laptop
  13. woohoo im back thx guys yeah my transformer prime was a beast to root cause i did an update that i shouldnt have done then had to roll firmware back using ADBdebugging but once i did althat its been all custom rom from then on and rock solid
  14. its good to see you to Caintry i know that some time at 5.2ghz and still flawless couple years later on daily use that QX is a solid chip
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