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  1. Hi Mate, no, no one it must have came from a virus as i'm at home thanks mate ill do a scan now Graham
  2. ahh thanks a ton mate, i checked the settings and somehow the proxy field was filled in?? (i don't know how that happened lol) thanks for your help mate i owe you one Graham
  3. Thanks for your help mate so when i load up IE, it goes to > packetflip.com and because i don't know how to access the user/pass there it blocks me from using IE! so i need to find out where the redirection URL is kinda thing. thanks mate Graham
  4. Hi Mate, hmmm the reset never worked, thats strange how it only effects IE, i can log into msn either? cheers Graham
  5. Hi Mate, i have honestly never used packetflip how would they be able to interfere with my IE? will try that reset and post back thanks mate Graham
  6. Hi Guys, i'm typing this through mozilla but all of a sudden i can't use internet explorer, it asks me for authentification before i can browse! screenshot: http://img9.imageshack.us/my.php?image=90853573ly8.jpg The error is: ERROR Cache Access Denied -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.google.com/ The following error was encountered: Cache Access Denied. Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request: http://www.google.com/from this cache until you
  7. so do you think its a ram problem? only thing is his ram is sdram and all my other machines are ddr im doing a memtest as im typing ill post back the results Graham
  8. i think i found the name of the fault "FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" Thanks Graham
  9. Hi Guys my friend has asked me to help him out with his pc all of a sudden hes getting the blue screen of deaths for a split second then it reboots he hasn't installed any new software/hardware tried safe mode to no avail any ideas on how to remedy? thanks guys Graham
  10. I DON'T BELIEVE IT found the problem a dodgy bit of ram???? after a day and a half of tearing 3 machines apart it was faulty ram arrrrghhhhh at least i know a bit more than i did before i suppose maybe someone can learn from what i went through Cheers for all your input guys Graham
  11. Cheers for the replies guys, is it still possible it's the PSU even though it did boot up at first? thanks agin Graham
  12. Hi mate, it's definately a learning curve lol i have literally replaced everything apart from ram and mobo after reading on other sites i'm more convinced it's a mobo problem even though it was working fine earler theres no burning smell or burn mark on the underside of the mobo or CPU iv been at it for 5 hours reseated/replaced tested still no activity on screen but the fan turns and then the HD seems to churn usually after that i get a post beep but nothing its really infuriating aswell iv never come across this before i deliberately bought the cheapest mobo i could to save him mon
  13. i actually had a spare speaker in my parts box and still no beeps although like i said earlier the fan spins and the hd sounds like its ready to boot up but nothing? iv never came across THIS problem before lol Graham
  14. The thing with this mobo which i found funny is no speaker cable came with it iv never even heard the mobo post beep??even when it worked for the short time is this possible on some mobo's? cheers Graham
  15. Hi Guys, iv tried it all new PSU reseating memory,cpu,fan still the same all i can think now is the motherboard its a cheap asrock k7s41 looks like a need a new one lol Graham
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