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  1. Here is the JRT log and the final 2 Thanks JRT01.txt Attach.txt DDS.txt
  2. Hi, Thanks for your help. Here is the save file from the adwcleaner. When I said it had wiped the internet settings.... what it had actually done is disable everything in the services and applications section of computer management. I have gone through and manually restarted most of the things, I can now access the internet through wifi. I will post results from the others shortly. Thanks AdwCleaner01.txt
  3. This log is from a machine that has had a clean up with malwarebytes and ccleaner, once the clean up was finished it had wiped all internet settings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks hijackthislog1.txt
  4. Completely lost everything,I did a complete HP restore.Not the intended thing but at least it's not a paper weight now haha to be honest it wasn't my laptop (I back everything up) Thanks for your help pal
  5. Thanks for your time,I have tried all of the above steps and no joy.It is running a directory services repair in safe mode at the moment.I will let you know how that gets on
  6. It is a compaq c500 presario running on vista,I have a whole new problem now.I tried to install sp1 and it stopped at half way for 4 hours.I left it overnight and it wouldn't start properly.now I'm getting a start up repair "your computer was unable to start,start up repair is checking your system for problems" this has been going for 2 hours I think it is dead
  7. I am trying to fix a laptop for a friend but I have hit a brick wall,to my knowledge I have removed all spyware and viruses but I cannot connect to the internet.I keep getting messages 2 seperate messages saying "the network adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related issues" (broadcom and realtek) and "make sure your internet bindings are correct".I honestly haven't got a clue where to start with these haha any help would be appreciated,thanks in advance
  8. Unfortunately we have to pay for BBC services,Its a scam haha well i have considered a paid proxy but i think thats a scam too (well not a scam but i want it free) ,i have had a few free proxys since i have been here but i only get limited access.i have an ip address for my property in england and the internet connection is still up and running so is there anyway i can get my computer here to go through that?
  9. My computer has slowed down considerably after downloading and installing spybot,I appreciate what it does and I'm not complaining but just wondered if this was normal? I also run ad-aware but that didnt effect my computer at all Thanks in advance
  10. I am currently living in poland as an expat and still pay my tv license in the uk but i can't view things like bbc iplayer,4OD,ITV player or msn player because my computer says i can't view this in my region.I know there is a way around this using proxy settings but need a little guidance Thanks for your help in advance
  11. thats the 1,its all good now,havent defragged,is that necessary??
  12. done that and the cd drive is working now,the comp is a bit jumpy,is that ok?
  13. ok i deleted upper and lower,still no change with the cd drive???
  14. so do i just type regedit into "run"? sorry 4 being a pain,not up 2 scratch on pc repair lol thanks 4 the help so far
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