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  1. Am I madder........But I also downloaded a free version of PC Pit Stop Optimizer about a month ago, wich was temporarly active, saying that I liked it, I also purchased it afterwords, but still had the chance to download it....BUT now my problem relies in that I had to restore my laptop last week and of course, lost the program itself. I still got my registration info to activate the prog but cant find the prog's download no where!! Can you please send me a link or something!! Big Thanxs LT
  2. Hey All, Diagnosing and curing your PC of New.Net... I thought I'd post my last discovery cause durring my quest for answers, this wasnt stated nowhere, as the most common option- through add-remove programs is commonly, weird as it is almost never applicable, way to simple and lets not forget this perticular ''jackware''prog. is almost a brain on its own and will apply or adapt to any situation where he's jeoperdised and-or hunted. It knows when your comming, knows where you've been -where your at and where your gonna be. What your doing in light of the isnt a mystery so completing uninstall procedures are a serious chalenge. Just getting to know if your carrying or not this nusence can be reported falsely, till u unexpenctently stumble on this: Window Explorer- double clic on WINDOWS, you will see, following the folders, a multitude of elements, including(if u got it!!)NDNuninstall....(will be written similar 2 this, also can be carrying NDNinstall, NDN, New.Net, Newdotnet, NewDotNet...get the pic..) Its a big round blue ball for an icon-you may have many too, the uninstall needs to be double clicked so prompt to uninstall-yes-restart computer Ok, so ounce one of the Uninstals seems to have worked properly( may get warning about browser, may see reconfiguration commands, updating command prompts) you can try applying same tech 2 the others but it probably wont work, cause these just need 2 be sent 2 recycle bin, promptly emptied. I imagine the uninstalls are updates, making just one really active and usefull for uninstall, but I still recomend following strict uninstall procedures for this Hell of a Curse!! It seems to be ''consciouss'' of your attempts and will probably try to hide at least one of its ''clones''by placing without following standard alphabetical order, so outsmart this compuiterwiz! Cause I only found 2 progs able to adentify(and only that!)our tech aberation-Giant and SD SPYBOT but ONLY OUNCE DEACTIVATED IN ADVANCED OPTIONS, SETTINGS-IGNORE PROGS( ITS THERE MORE THEN OUNCE)THEN PASS SPYWARE APPLICATION THAT WILL LOCATE OK, BUT CLEAN PORELY, MANUAL UNIN. AS EXPLAINED IS NEEDED! I'M NOW NDN FREE AND HOPE U CAN ALSO BE, IN A JIFFY!! REPLY IN NEED OF MORE! Ladytigra
  3. allowes LSP and prog to be seen non-treat and able to pass undetected, u have to go in advance settings, IGNORE PROG-IGNORE COOKie...u got a list like that, go see, New.Net is allowed in..2-3 others also LT
  4. advanced security settings, script active x or simply VIEW not set correctly. Good luck
  5. could it be, internet browser or firewall blocking net or router, or u have multiple browsers and u are unaware of...spyware, cheak for new.net(newdotnet)or dso exploit I have a month old 2500$ wireless toshiba satellite, I already had to restore cause of browser probs. I know how u feel! Ladytrigra
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