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  1. Hey guys, I have a 27" iMac running Boot Camp with both Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7 Enterprise. When I'm in Windows, is there a way that I can turn off the display? Currently if I press the power button on the back of the machine it automatically shuts down Windows. Is there a way I can configure it so that it only turns off the display as opposed to the hard drive and everything else? Or is there another/better way of accomplishing this? Thanks!
  2. Perfect! I didn't even realize that my Samsung monitor had a port for DVI input...I simply switched the cable from VGA to DVI and it worked with the Mini DisplayPort adapter that I purchased. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey gang, I recently purchased a new 27" iMac computer which is great for my work...but I've got a 22" Samsung LCD monitor sitting at home from my old workstation that I'd like to setup as an extended desktop. The iMac has a Mini DisplayPort in the back, and my monitor has a VGA cable with a VGA-to-DVI adapter on it. I purchased a Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter on eBay (it looks something like this), but when I connect my 2nd monitor to my iMac with it, it's as if the computer doesn't recognize the monitor as being a display...when I turn on the 2nd monitor, it just goes into standby mode as if it's not picking up anything to display. Could this be because I'm using 2 different adapters for the connection (1 for VGA to DVI and the other for DVI to the Mini DisplayPort)? Or could it be something wrong with my 2nd monitor? Although it was working fine before and I'd have no reason to think that anything has happened to it...plus, it turns on fine but when it can't find an "input signal" it goes into sleep mode. Does anyone have any ideas on why this isn't working? In case it makes any difference, I recently upgraded my Mac OS X to Lion when it was released, and am also running Boot Camp with Windows 7 Enterprise - I have tried using the 2nd monitor in both Mac and Windows and is is not recognized in either OS. Please help!
  4. Hi guys...I just wiped my 13" MacBook Pro and reinstalled Snow Leopard...I had a 2nd disc, which had all the applications like iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, etc. on it...once I finished installing Snow Leopard and ran Software Update until it's all up to date, I tried to install the applications from the 2nd disc...but when I double click the "Install Bundled Software" button, a message pops up that says "You cannot install this software on this computer." Does anyone have any ideas? These are not the original CDs, they are the replacement CDs that I got Apple to send me after I lost the originals - the 1st was the Snow Leopard disc, the 2nd was the Applications disc. Why can't I install the programs on it now that I've wiped it?
  5. Hi, I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise and it's Lightroom 3.4.1...any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I think I must have accidentally clicked on the "Do this from now on" button the last time I plugged in my external HDD and hit "Open in Adobe Lightroom" button. Now, every time I plug in my HDD, Lightroom opens instead of giving me the prompt for what action to take. For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how to revert this setting back so that Lightroom doesn't launch every time I plug in my HDD. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the links...but I still can't seem to do it. I read all through how to manage profiles and everything, but it's as if the data I need isn't on my old hard drive for some reason (yet the bookmarks worked fine on it). One of the instructions is this: As I said above, I do not have any folders or files such as this in my profile folder...it's as if they are missing. My old computer was running Firefox 4, and on my new computer I've just installed Firefox 5, if that makes any difference.
  8. I tried both of these things, and neither worked: I copied the contents of my old profiles folder to my new computer and overwrote the existing files/folders, but when I open Firefox, it's still the same default bookmarks (empty) that come with the browser when you first install it. I also tried to do a bookmark restore, but when I browse to that folder on my old hard drive, there are no files to select...here's what it looks like: Old_HDD\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\11cyorfg.default\ Inside this folder are these folders and files: Cache OfflineCache startupCache urlclassifier3.sqlite XUL.mfl If I try to do a restore, it appears as though the browser is looking specifically for a "JSON" filetype, which doesn't seem to be in that profiles folder (unless it's somewhere further down, but I don't think it should/would be :/) Can anyone help?
  9. Hi gang - please be sure to read the whole topic before answering, this isn't as simple as exporting a bookmarks.html file that I can write to a USB drive and transfer. Here's my situation: Recently my old PC crapped out on me (motherboard or video card, I'm not sure which, but the HDD is fine) so I bought a new computer. Today I picked up a hard drive dock from futureshop so that I can transfer the important data from my old hard drive to my new computer (music and work files mostly). However, in my Firefox bookmarks I had a ton of saved favourites that pointed to guitar tabsheets that I had found online and collected over the years...there must have been several hundred of them...I would very much like to get them back. My question (and believe me, I've Google searched up and down for this, but no one seems to have the same problem as me) is how can I transfer the bookmarks from this old hard drive to my new computer when I can't access the browser to export my old bookmarks? I've tried browsing to the /appdata/mozilla/firefox/profiles folder like I've read in several places online, but there doesn't appear to be anything in that folder that I can use to restore my old bookmarks. Can anyone help me?
  10. Okay, I will try plugging it into one of the normal ports. Also, in case I DO need to, how would I go about disabling DHCP in my router admin? Thanks again!
  11. When my PC is connected directly to the Ethernet cable, it shows this: IP: (preferred) Subnet: Gateway: DNS: / When it's connected through the router, it shows this: IP: (preferred) Subnet: Gateway: DNS: / Does this help at all?
  12. No I can't access the modem...I only have access to the one Ethernet cable that comes into my room with the internet on it. No one else here has any sort of computer equipment, either :/
  13. What do you mean? If I connect my Ethernet cable that the internet's coming in on to one of the 4 ethernet ports on the router then there won't be any sort of connectivity...and how would I disable the "modem on router" and DHCP?
  14. I tried their live chat support but she said that because my router isn't still under warranty (I bought it several years ago), I'm not eligible for technical support. Naturally this led me into a rather heated discussion about the basics of the importance of customer relationships, as well as the costs of a lost customer vs the costs of attaining new ones, blah blah blah. Anyways, end of story, that got me nowhere. Can anyone else help?
  15. Hi guys, here's my current situation: I've got a Linksys wireless router (WRT310N) and I just moved from my apartment where I went to school to a room where I live at my new job (I work at a camp). I'm trying to setup my router so that I can broadcast a wireless signal in my building, but for the life of me I can't seem to get it working. Here's the current setup: The internet in my room comes in via Ethernet cable through the wall; I'm not sure where it goes beyond that (whether it's to a switch or another router, etc.) but basically I only have access to this one single Ethernet line. When I connect this Ethernet cable directly to my PC, the internet says I'm connected to "Connection Name" and that I have Internet Access. Here's what I'm trying to do (and what I've been trying to do): connect the Ethernet cable in my room to the modem port on my router (the one for the incoming internet line) and then connect my PC to my router with another Ethernet cable through one of the 4 ports. But when I do this, it connects me to the router, but it says I don't have any Internet Access. I figured it was something to do with my connection settings in the router so I went to the Admin Panel and tried to change the Internet Connection Type but I still haven't had any luck. When I was at school, my router was set to use a PPPoE connection because it needed a username/password connection to my ISP...but here since the internet works directly through my Ethernet cable, I figured PPPoE wouldn't really apply. I tried setting it to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" but again, it said I had no Internet Access. And when I try to set it to a Static IP Address, it gives me this message when I try to save the settings: "The router IP address equals to the subnet address. Please correct it." Can anyone help me figure out how to setup my router so that I can get my internet to work through it? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  16. Does anyone have any ideas? I know it's a long post but I just tried to explain everything as best I could.
  17. Hi guys, here's my setup: I'm running Windows 7 Professional with an internal 500GB HDD, two (2) external 500GB HDDs, and one (1) external 1TB HDD. Basically, I use my external TB drive to backup my internal drive. The two 500GB externals are used for storing media like movies, as well as other, more specific backed up data (like all of my photography and business data). Right now, I've got Windows 7 scheduled to do a backup of my internal HDD onto the external 1TB drive every Sunday at 3 in the morning. So far, to my knowledge, it's only ever backed up the drive once successfully. As far as what I'm backing up, I've selected the "Let me choose" option, and have ticked the following items to backup: Data Files: My LibrariesComputer:C: drive+ Include a system image of drives: System Reserved, C: I'm not backing up any other drives, or any other information besides my Libraries, C: drive, and the system image of C: drive. Here's what seems to be happening, and where my questions come into play. Right now when I go to My Computer and look at my various drives, it says that I'm currently using about 337GB on my internal drive. When I go to the Windows Backup screen, it says that my backup size is 811.49GB. How is this possible? How is the backup size almost 3 times larger than the amount of data that's being backed up? I realize that includes a system image/snapshot, but I thought the only purpose of that was to backup the core Windows 7 files needed in case my internal drive crashes. So, I guess my first questions is: how is the backup size so much larger than the data being backed up, and if this figure seems correct, why is it like this (in other words please explain to me what exactly it's backing up that takes up so much space). Now, onto my second issue. For the past few weeks now, I've noticed that the "Windows Backup did not complete successfully" bubble has appeared consistently. Lately I've been too busy to be bothered with it, but after it's happened so many times, I'm starting to get a bit wary of not having an up to date backup. This is what it tells me when I click the More Information button: I Googled this error and corresponding code, and while a number of people seem to share the same problem, I wasn't able to find any solutions that apply to me (most had to do with disabling something called "NOD32", and others didn't seem to be solved at all). I guess this brings me to my second question: what is this error and what does it mean? More importantly, how do I fix it? This brings up another question that I thought I knew the answer to, but now am wondering if I misread the information. When I setup my backups originally, I did some research on the internet with regard to how backups work; more specifically, if scheduled backups automatically overwrite older ones. The answer I stumbled across led me to believe that all subsequent backups are not full data backups - they merely backup any data that has been added or changed since the last backup. So, my third question is: how do the backups work? Does it fully backup all data or just what's been modified since the last backup? Could this somehow be the reason my backup size is so large? Depending on how backups work, should I be deleting the old backup files off of my backup drive before starting a new backup? My only concern about that would be if something were to happen between the time when I delete the old backup and while it's making the new one. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
  18. I use http://www.hosting24.com/ <- been with them for a number of years and their services are fantastic. Amazing customer service as well.
  19. Have you looked @ http://www.getafreelancer.com/ ? You can find jobs people have posted there and bid on them along with reasonable deadlines for the project...it's pretty reputable. Many pf my colleagues have used it and I've only heard good things thusfar.
  20. Ok...before I do that, now I'm starting to think that XP may have installed itself over Vista... Here's my original partition setup: c: - Windows Vista d: - secondary partition for other files Before installing XP, I split the D: drive into 2 more partitions, so it looked like: c: - Vista d: - data e: - space for XP I installed XP originally on e: drive, and that's when it didn't work...but when I did the repair install, it looks like it installed on c: because I see a boot.ini file in c:\ which I know is only there with XP because Vista uses the BCD. Before I did all this, I created several restore points in Vista as well as a backup disc in case something like this happened. Did XP really install overtop of Vista? Can I get Vista back? If so, what do I need to do? Why does this process seem to much more complicated than it seems like it should be? =(
  21. Ok well I installed XP and it works fine now, but now when I start the computer it automatically boots into XP and doesn't give me the option to boot into Vista...how do I make it so that when I turn it on I can choose whether I want to boot into XP or Vista? Thanks again for all the help!
  22. Ok, I used the VistaBootPro(.org) application to fix the Vista bootloader, and now it lets me boot into XP. However, now I'm running into another issue. At the boot select screen I choose "Previous version of Windows" (Windows XP Pro SP2), and it displays the Windows XP load screen for a second or two (the black one with the Windows logo and the blue progress bar), then after a second it displays a blue screen of death error message that flashes only for a second before it automatically restarts the computer and I'm taken back to the OS selection menu again... I haven't had enough time to read the error yet because it flashes so fast, but I know at the bottom it says something like: STOP ERROR: 0x0000007B I looked this error up on the Microsoft website but I didn't find any useful information. I've also "googled" lots of different websites and forums for people who've had the same problems and have come across a few, but no viable solutions that I can tell so far. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this or what needs to be done to get XP working correctly? I'd really appreciate it, thanks so much!
  23. Ok, I will give that a try mate, and I'll post back once I find out if it changed anything. Well, whatever that did, it worked. In case anyone else has the problem, all I did was to My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Keyboards and uninstalled whatever was listed there, then unplugged my keyboard, shut down the machine, turned it back on, shut it down again, plugged the keyboard back in, and turned it back on and it's working fine again. Thanks for all your help!
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