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  1. Hi guys, I've had two monitors for quite some time, and they've been working just as I want them, until a few weeks ago when I was prompted to update my video card drivers. After my computer rebooted, it appears as though my monitors had somehow switched roles; my secondary was acting as my primary, and vice versa. I've got a 22" Samsung LCD that I want to be my primary, and a 17" Lenovo LCD that I use for my secondary (for my iTunes and instant messaging conversations). Anyways, whenever I open up a browser window, it always opens on the 17", and obviously I want it to be opening on the 22" (this applies to many other applications as well). When I go my Display Settings, here's what I get (I've taken 3 screenshots just so you can see what I mean): I want the SyncMaster (my 22") to be the primary one, and the Generic PnP (17") to be my secondary for my iTunes/MSN, etc. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I was playing CS and when I exited my game this is what my desktop looks like: I tried rebooting and still nothing changes...all the shortcuts work fine, but the images seem to have disappeared or something. I'm running XP Pro (Vista skin)....does anyone have any ideas on what caused this or more importantly how to fix it? Thanks!
  3. Perfect! I knew it would be something simple but I wasn't sure...thanks a bunch mate!
  4. Hey guys, awhile ago I had to end a couple of processes in the Ctrl+Alt+Del window, but I accidentally hit a key (I'm not sure what I pressed) but basically it made all the tabs in the window disappear, and now I can only access the processes tab by default. Here's a screenshot: I'm pretty sure it's an easy fix, I'm just not sure exactly what it is I have to press to get it back. Thanks for any help!
  5. No, that gets rid of my QuickLaunch buttons on the left-hand side, as you can see in the screenshot the buttons for Firefox, Flash 8, and Photoshop CS2. I'm talking about getting rid of the thing on the right-hand side beside where my tray icons are...it doesn't go away when I uncheck the box. Help?
  6. Hi, this thing just recently appeared randomly a couple days ago when I booted up my computer, and I definitely didn't change anything to put it there. Anyways, it's bothering the hell outta me because it's taking up room in my taskbar, and I can't seem to find where to get rid of it. Here's a screenshot: Can someone please tell me how to remove this crap from my taskbar? Thanks.
  7. Hi, on this computer I'm running Windows XP Home with SP1. I've downloaded and installed SP2 in the past and all it's done for me is cause several programs to disappear and others to not work. I know how to turn automatic updates off via My Computer>Properties>Automatic Updates>Disable Automatic Updates, but the option is not available (greyed out): Right now the windows update icon is in my taskbar, and it keeps asking me every hour or so if I'm ready to install the update. The update is SP2, which I do NOT want. How do I get rid of it? PS - I'm not looking for someone to suggest installing SP2 and then trying to figure out how to fix the problems it creates, I'm not interested in that. I've installed it several times in the past and it's only caused problems for me. Thanks!
  8. Heh, you mean Paper Mario 2...I have the original Paper Mario for the 64, man I love that game. I was tempted to buy a GC when I heard they were making a second one. I know a guy who's little brother bought "Super Monkey Balls" for GC...It's like the gayest thing I've ever played in my life. You might wanna checkout some of the James Bond games for GC too...I really liked Goldeneye Rogue Agent and Nightfire, while Everything or Nothing and Agent Under Fire were okay. Another interesting one is True Crime Streets of LA. It's a major ripoff of GTA, and a poor one at that, but it's the closest thing to it on the GC
  9. So, like for CD-R/RW/DVD-R/RW drives, hard drives, and video cards? Stuff like that? I remember reading somewhere else on some other board somebody asked why their writing drive was being so sluggish, and someone else told them to update the firmware and that that would fix the problem.
  10. Hi, recently I've heard alot of stuff about "Firmware." I was wonderign if anyone could help me out by telling me what it is...Is it like similar to a driver kind of thing? Or am I completely off?
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