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  1. Points out some of the catches with the service, as well as pointing out theres little advantage to be had by anyone outside the US sad. Rubbish. My computer is now flying. Well done Aeroman. Damn good tip. jeff.
  2. I live in Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Linc is the short version. Actually it's lincs, but one of me is enough.
  3. The one thing we found out to late is that there was one person in the cabinet who thought that the rest of the politicians were to put it mildly USELESS.
  4. My apologies for miss-reading. Damm where did I put my specs and viagra
  5. Bruce, in answer to this you posted. Show me where the act of having consentual sex cost the taxpayers money. Here in the UK I know one person who had 4 children by his first wife, while she was expecting the fourth he moved over to her sister who had one. When she was expecting the second one by her he walked out and married another woman yep she had one child by him before throing him out. While married to his first wife he gave at least one other woman a couple more kids. It must be costing the UK Govt at least a £1,000 a week as none of the people involve work. He says he can't work due to a bad back. My suggestion to him would be to change position.
  6. first four letters of my home town. Lincoln. U.K. very original. yeah right. So I'm lazy.
  7. Tis has been a long and most of the time an interesting thread. So I looked into my Crystal Ball and have seen the following headlines in the newspapers next Monday. Missing Explosives found. Osama bin Laden captured WMD's found. All terroists captured. All coalition troops home by Christmas. Bush for President?? anyone.
  8. I use 98se and virus guard popped up when I got it. I believe it's part of 98se. Something to be said for using an old system good luck.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PAIR OF YOU. BTW. Jazzy you'd better stay there the weather is atrocious here at the moment and forcast for the rest of the week. Mind you, at least it's not as bad as Florida. Again Congrats.
  10. k vikung, Luckily I'm in the uk, but I don't understand Earthlink, they say that they are doing customer's a favour by pulling them of the web, so that they can clean up their pc. However I just read on another board www.spywarewarrior.com I think, that they are now in cahoots with Doubleclick who are pushing their tracking cookies on to their own customers.. Trouble is as I see it these ad companies have grown to big for their boots and think they have all the rights to push their ads on to us.
  11. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. Who has a solution for that? Angela, So the move wouldn't be too traumatic, you could move here. Lincoln. U.K. Nice quaint little English city.
  12. When you defrag you have to make sure you don't have any programmes running in the background,i.e exit all progs in the task bar. another choice of defragger is newdefrag available from www.wilders.org go to downloads page follow instructions, with m/$ it would take me 90 mins with newdefrag 5 mins max good luck jeff
  13. for silver surfers here www.movieflix.com for black & white [mainly] movies of the 30's &40's westerns,mysteries, serials etc for biogs of the old stars in b movies the good guys and the baddies http://www.surfnetinc.com/chuck/trio.htm for interesting read and downloads http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/index.html all the dll. files you'll ever need http://www.dll-files.com finally for an earsplitting, side splitting laugh http://scamorama.com hope you enjoy jeff removed the anti-MS link, radio
  14. use a combination of spyware blaster and spyware guard. you'll see very few pop ups good luck jeff
  15. Ran the test and found a great big zero thanks aeroman linc edit: make sure you close your tags, radio
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