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  1. Thank You for the reply, how do I know what codec was used? So i can keep the same?
  2. Oh... I have Nero, maybe you can give me a tutorial using Nero?
  3. Hello guys, Im trying to figure out how to convert my videos to a lower size... So I bought a Canon PowerShot ELPH 310HS, and I took some videos at the highest resolution possible: 1920x1080 I notice that when watched on my PC, sometimes they freeze.. not always though so thats weird... Well the main issue is, I wanna lower the size, for example one of the videos is 10min long and is 2.46GB big... I know its HD and all but is there a way to lower the file size? Im willing to downconvert to 720 if needed. Also, the only program I know of to do such things is: SUPER ( http://w
  4. Oh ok guys, thanks alot ... Ya've been a great help xD
  5. Ummmm, i was looking at this... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814150395 I guess its the same as what you guys reccomended but with 1GB memory, is this card safe? is it better than the 512MB? Im confused cause one says... SAPPHIRE the other XFX ? O.o Am i better off getting this one? or the 512MB version? is the 1GB version that big of a improvement? 900MHZ (512MB) and 3800MHz (1GB) hmmmm...
  6. Thx for the help guys ^^, greatly appreciated!
  7. Well i have a HP Pavilion m7763w link: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...761&lang=en from factory it had 300W i believe... All i did was add the card and the 500W enermax and remove the Modem PCI Card Only one DVD drive and all the ports mentioned on the site, PCI card wise, it has 3 in used in the back and 1 empty 1 is the wireless router antenna PCI other is the graphic card and other is for TV or audio/video or something idk x.x Thats about it.. oh and ony one fan (not including the one that the PSU has lol ) btw, that 4870 is better than
  8. Alright, thx alot man =D Ill have to get that one.. i know mine is kinda outdated xP
  9. I download files at 1.5 mebabytes per second o.o I download 1 GB in less than 1 hour...so i dont think its my net lol
  10. Dang, When i got this PC, i got also a new PSU to run my card... I had got a Enermax Liberty 500W On the Box it says - Total Power 500W / Peak Power 550W Model #: ELT500AWT ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...p;Tpk=ELT500AWT ) So...im guessing i need a new PSU as well uh? T_T At that time, i paid $100 ish for the PSU and $190 for the card... (May 2007 )
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the reccomendations! Ummm i normaly game @ 1280 x 768 ...well atleast in my Cabal Online game.. But normaly in that close resolution o.o porksandwich9113... I use PCI-Express 1.0 x16 I dont think i can use 2.0 x16? ... o_O Or does PCI-Express work with 1.0 x16? Im not too familiar with this stuff
  12. Ok i currectly have a (Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro Video Adapter) 512 MB if i remember correctly... I want a upgrade.... Now idk whats best out there, something in the lines of no more than $150... I got a AMD Dual Core 4600+ 2GB RAM and running Vista 32 Bits... I play alot this MMO called Cabal Online, i cant max it cuz it lags a bit..so i want something that will run it maxed... And play new tittles maybe? Crysis? is that possible? o.o for $150? >_> any tips? <.<
  13. I dont think my 7.0 Router is supported... Anywho... question... In my Router Setting page The following tabs - Wireless - Advanced Wireless Settings There are a few options im curious about... (Transmission Rate) you can change from "Auto" to "1Mbps" "2Mbps" "6, 9, 11, 12" all the way up to "54Mbps" What happens if i choose 1Mbps? or any other number? There is also "Basic Rate" and the options are: 1-2Mbps and Default Would any of these affect my download speeds? I can download files at 900 Kbps or ive seen it go up to 1M
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