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  1. wow there are lots of things to discuss about sp2! so does this mean sp2 is just a headache?
  2. i don't know how to place pics here but i have a multiply page that i could share my pics with you guys! http://bubuekak.multiply.com
  3. use Registry Mechanic! i'm sure it will improve the performance of your pc even not playing games....
  4. So it IS ME who have the latest version but my problem is not yet solved - its not updating anything.... yet (no updates available)
  5. i have a 1.3.1 Spybot S&D. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
  6. uhmmmmm how do i update spybot? i mean my spybot S&D is not updating anything when i press the update button.... it just says no updates available.....
  7. wow u guys are loaded! i mean your pcs would actually boot faster with those so many defense?
  8. i know how to deal with that! use Registry Mechanic it will fix everything on your windows - the registries and errors like that
  9. are you aware that your hard disk is really that of 76gb? is the total space that you see on the "pie" is 76gb?
  10. try using spybot search and destroy - remove all your spywares then run msconfig and uncheck all the startup programs - except your antivirus and firewall u know your problem is just a software problem
  11. uhmmm pardon me.... whats that shredder? an antispyware??
  12. I use PCcillin2003 for viruses Trend Micro Firewall Spybot SD Ad-Adware SE Registry Mechanic 3.0 these makes my XP very stable and fast
  13. bubuekak


    oh they are classic to you . . . i was thinking of Pac Man Super Mario Bros. Tetris Battle City Donkey Kong Asteroids
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