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  1. Any idea how I can uninstall IE. It doesn't appear on my add/remove screen, and I don't want to delete folders I don't know about. I've already downloaded the IE6sp1 installer, but it won't run as long as it detects another version present on my system.
  2. Joe C and dickster thanks for the help. Deleting the hidden mozilla folder worked a treat. After a fresh install I can now download through mozilla. Lucky I keep the installer on my hard drive I'll try re-installing IE as that still quits to desktop. Not really bothered, though - I never use it. Thank you soooooooooooooo much Joe C. If you're ever in London, I'll buy you a beer or ten.
  3. Thanks Joe C. I'll try deleting the hidden folders.
  4. I got so desperate that I resorted to booting my Suse 9.2 live disk. Downloads work fine when using Konqueror and Suse 9.2. So...I guess it can't really be a problem with my LAN, or the connection. Must be Windows, or some settings somewhere.
  5. Tried downloading using IE again after total clean having turned of sys restore. Got an error message this time: The instruction at "0x7d51df12" referenced memory at "0x0000004c. The memory could not be read. What's that all about?
  6. Updates that I was prompted to download by firefox. Theme and extension updates.
  7. No error message - nothing. Just an immediate close all open IE windows and quit to desktop. I tried downloading another file just to see if it would appear in the even viewer, but...nothing specified for around the time the quit to desktop happened. Would a system restore help in any way? My firefox suddenly went crazy on me after downloading some updates earlier. It said that some files were malformed and now, whenever I open firefox, the format of it has totally changed to a font and layout that is ridiculously basic. Looks like a mistake. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing firefox about 4 times - no change, even though when I re-install the fresh firefox it comes installed with all the old extensions that I had....would that have anything at all to do with the problem?
  8. No XP disk. It's an OEM computer that has XP pre-loaded and comes with a special recovery disk.
  9. Thanks for spending time helping me, dickster. I know about all the stuff running in the background. No worries about that. Still having the same problem, though. What could possibly cause IE to close like that? It's driving me nuts. Not to mention that I can't download anything...except program updates that are governed by the programmes themselves (auto updates, etc. work fine). What else can I do?
  10. OK. Panda scan was clear except for one piece of spyware. Looked fairly insignificant. Link to my scan results. High CPU load because I was watching TV on Giga Pocket and doing some work during the scan. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NU9L9WXJQ1RSHAY6
  11. Could be that...Would that cause IE to close? Since I've been here no p2p programs have worked, even lan games don't work, but there has never been a problem with standard web downloads. Worth calling them if the pandascan is all clear? Or is it more likely to be me?
  12. Would Active X being turned off cause IE to quit? Usually it just gives a warning in the toolbar. Also, I don't think that's the problem because Mozilla won't download anything either. As for a virus...well, how reliable is mcafee? I just scanned with the most recent updates and nothing found. I'm about to scan with the panda online scanner (which requires active x to be on) and see what that tells me. Could be the firewall. I'm on a LAN connection at a residential accomodation block for a university campus. Strange how I've just noticed this today, though. This has never happened before and I've been here 6 months.
  13. Can't remember the last time I tried to download a file from the internet, but it wasn't longer than a week ago. Now I can't do it. As soon as I try to download anything - I've tried to download many different programs from webattack.com and also download.com but every time I try IE automatically quits. When I use mozilla to download something the download just doesn't start. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate some help.
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