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  1. well i finally hit 2000 posts!! lol, only took me since 2003 to do it! yeah this thread is usless and will probably get locked, but i wanted to celebrate this milestone! lol
  2. also stop in and check Toms hardware .com a couple times a week for the latest in hardware news.. also nordic hardware.com is cool too.
  3. just pick up a new issue of Maximum PC magazine, it helps me stay in the "loop"!
  4. Welcome! I've been here so long, that i don't remember why i joined either! lol
  5. ok,, any sound card without a DSP will affect your frame rates...this old sound blaster prolly doesn't have a DSP.... i think that started with the "live"5.1 cards.. so you will prolly have a cpu "hit" while processing sound with this old card. just my opinion without looking anything up. i could be wrong..
  6. check out this thread.. i didn't read it all, but it might answer your question snopes and check out these search results stolen ipods
  7. I had to prepare courts like that too!! clay courts, grass courts, and artificial courts,,,, Merion Cricket Club,,,,,, damm snobs!! you needed at least a low 7 figure salery to be considdered for membership..... but they did pay well!!! 9.80$ back when i was 16-17.....1993-94. i was doing good for the time....!!
  8. Hmm, what is Steak out? anything like a good 'ol Philly Cheese Steak?
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