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  1. Wow! congrats! I feel like some of us older members have watched you grow up here at the pit. like a little bro.
  2. I would take the Privacy setting to "low" or "accept all cookies" and see if that works. if so, you might have to tweak your settings for those sites affected by this. like adding them to the trusted sites list.
  3. Rob is a Good man, he has been through a lot, and has always been very friendly to me here at the pit, and on the phone . No One is perfect, and I hope he is doing well!
  4. i found this. it might help http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920074 and maybe this http://www.google.com/search?client=firefo...G=Google+Search
  5. Could still be overheating. open it up and make sure the cpu fan is running. also with it powered off try reseating the ram, and the power supply power connectors. you could check the event viewer, and the mobo bios error log if it has one.
  6. yep, we got about 9" here, and expect another 3-5" today! my son cant wait to go out and play in it..
  7. look again. do an ipconfig /all it will list every adapter you have under each entry it will give the physical description of the adapter. for example I have 3 physical adapters. 1: broadcom gigabit nic 2: Dell Wireless card 3: verizon mobile broadband card. what is the description of all your adapters when you do the ipconfig /all ?
  8. yeah, i have just ran into this firewall. I'm now a network engineer, and while converting an existing network to my companies network, this one site had been using this. i don't like them very much for large networks. i replaced it with a Cisco ASA 5510 . the Zyxel was giving me problems. also put a Cisco 1720 router as the core router, and things are running much smoother and faster. edit: but i wouldn't rule it out for home ue, as i was refering to a corporate domain with a p2p T1 connecting 3 sites.
  9. Yepp! since i got our Aquos 46" on black friday and just got our Comcast HD Dvr box. nothing compares to HD channels.
  10. I hope you had a Great day!!
  11. I have never watched it. it's looks good from the comercials, but just never got around to watching it.some of the stars are regular guests on the Opie and Anthony morning radio show. (Replaced Howard Stern in the mornings)
  12. yeah, budget for the customer..but it overclocks great, and runs games very well
  13. system system system system system system system
  14. well i finished my first customer build, and he LOVES it! everything went perfect. and the pc is smoking fast! the specs are. DFI Infinity NF SLI M2 AMD 64X2 4600 2GB DDR667 (Kingston) XFX GeForce 7600GT 256MB Seagate 320GB 16MB buffer Leadtech TV tuner Hiper 580W modular P/S old crappy non matching color DVD drive..lol and here are the pics..enjoy. parts partsparts system system system system system system
  15. I have to agree, the folks here are great!! i've been a member here almost since the begining, and of all the forums i belong to, this is the one i still visit regularly! i considder the folks here friends, and not just screen names, and avatars! i wish we could all hang out and have a huge lan party.
  16. thanks! i'm liking the 7800, but the funny thing is that the X1950pro is about the same price, but offers much more performance..right? anyway i ran the free version of 3DMark 05 last night with the default settings, and got a score of 2899 this isn't that great, but i ranked #1 among all similar systems, so i guess that's about as much performance i'm going to get out of this system... what do you think?
  17. twice as fast sounds good to me!! lol ok, for about 200$ what would you guys say would be the best AGP vid card to get?????? the PC P&C power supply for my Dell is 119.00$
  18. anyone know how much more performance i'd get from on the 7600gt vs. the 9800 pro? or any agp card compared to the 9800 pro? i was thinking obout the X1950Pro AGP, but i don't think i can afford that plus the power supply at the same time
  19. well the wife said i can use 200-300$ of our tax return.... it's not much but i want to upgrade something... check my sig for my specs and let me know what you think would be the best bang for the buck... keep in mind it's a custom XPS, it's in an Optiplex GX270 case and using the GX270 power supply.. i was thinking maybe a 7600GT (AGP) and a PC Power&Cooling Dell power supply upgrade. let me know what you would do.
  20. Looks Great! as far as the mod, i wouldn't change anything. but as far as the parts, well they could be faster, but this looks like it's more about the mod, and less about the parts. nice job
  21. glad you are feeling better! i work not far from the convention center in philly. let us know how the show was, i can't make it this year.
  22. it needs a propriatary cable from dell ( i know because i'm a dell certified technician). are you putting it into a dell small form factor? like a gx50? you will need to contact dell for the correct cable. it incorporates the data and the power. it takes a mini power cable also(like an fdd cable) and it plugs into the top of the data cable that you need
  23. lol, good one! fake or not, i bet stuff like that happens every day!
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