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  1. hey Newdles! haven't s een you in so long! hope you had a great b-day!
  2. this is the best this place has looked since i've been here. i remember the old style yellow board, we have come a long way. :beer:
  3. welcome back, fellow '03'er
  4. I would take out the secondary or "slave" drive and see what happens.. but if windows is craching it's prob your primary drive that has windows on it. can you give some more specific info about your system and the exact problem? EDIT: do you mean drive or driver?
  5. this should be moved to the linux section, you will get better help there.
  6. Happy B-Day to you my old pal!! hope it's a good one... :beer:
  7. I know what you mean Bruce, i work on dell's all day, a user just gave me a dell optiplex GX400 that she was getting rid of because of an upgrade.. nothing special but it was free. P4 1.8, with intel 850 chipset 256MB Rimm pc800 (Rambus 800MGhz) dvd drive cd-rw drive 40GB Hdd soundblaster Live! 5.1 sti vid card.(crappy 7000 series) not bad for free..
  8. I was at work on that Tues. i was under the hood of a Ford Bronco finishing an oil change, one of our bosses came out of the break room and said a customer called and told him a plane had hit the WTC, well we all thought it was just a small plane, so we went inot the lounge and turned on the tv... well we were wrong, as we sat discussing how in the world a plane could have hit the tower,,, we saw the second plane hit... it was at that point that we had out answer... i will never forget that day! it is burned into my memory, i had my family record the news all day on my vcr... I have been saving pics from all over the internet and videos too, for the past year or so i have been putting together a memorial of these images..
  9. meh, it's ok, but over priced! the choice of certain parts is funny.. fx5200 vid card?? horrible, why a socket a athlon, why not an athlon64, why not sata hard drives, but, anyway, the cooling solution is cool, just not the price..
  10. Happy Birthday old friend! :beer: :beer:
  11. hmmm, 1: Dislocated left shoulder massive concussion cuts all over my face hyper extended right knee (all while running full speed drunk in a parkinglot and triping and falling face first with nothing to break my fall but my face and shoulder) 2: stiches in left elbow from shatering a glass doorknob with it 3: sprained ankles 4: 2/3 degree burns on left forarm from a HOT catalylitic converter 5: torn Miniscus in my right knee ( still have it) 6: degenerating cartlige in both knees, it's very painfull for me to walk ( i'm only 31) 7: benign tumors growing on the nerves on the bottom of both feet, had it removed along with a 5 inch section of nerves from left foot) still need surgery on right foot...(again making it very painfull to walk) 8: for the last 3 days i've been suffering from the most intense Migraine ever! i stayed home from work yesterday, it started sunday night, i still have it a little bit. yesterday the pain was so intense that it made me through up..and it had me in tears all day.. i finally passed out from the pain.. 9: lots of cuts,scrapes, bruises, and that sort of thing.. 10: i almost forgot, a couple years ago i was attacked by 2 large dogs, they were tearing at my left leg, and hanging off of it, had to go to the hospital for lots of shots and stiches.. the scar lasted a couple years..
  12. I see what you are saying, i have no idea if the children have any say in who adopts them..
  13. why would you be concerned about that? that's kind of narrow minded.. like you're assuming that the child would have a problem with it.. they prob wouldn't even know (if they are adopted at a very young age)not trying to be rude, i was just wondering.. anyway, I was adopted and i'm very happy about it, and have had a great life. my younger sister (27) is gay, and i would be thrilled if she adopted a child, I don't think there is anything wrong about a gay couple having a child.. it's not even an issue. Love is Love it doesn't matter who it comes from.
  14. mostly pc related stuff, building/fixing, games hacking/cracking... drinking beer playing the guitar riding my mountain bike.. playing with my dogs.. i'm pretty boring anymore..
  15. Wow! that's Great Kali and Invision! i'm happy for you 2.
  16. I hope you have a Great one Steve!!
  17. I hope you b-day is the best!!!!!!!
  18. Thanks everyone! sorry i've not been around mush, the pitstop site is blocked at work, ( a program called WebSense) and i've been so busy at home with the new house.. means alot to me guys thanks.. Donna, i remember listening to that song you sent me a year or 2 ago, ii'm not sure if i stil have it, that was a couple computers ago.. i'll have to look and give a listen (sexy voice!!) you guys are the best! Adam :beer: :beer: had a hot wing eating contest for my b-day,, i came in 3rd (34 wings) it's harder than i thought!! my 12 year old neice won (36 wings) all together we finished 150 hot wings!! good times
  19. well i've been here through 3 forum changes, so prob at least 3 years or so.. :beer:
  20. umm, Best buy,,, micro center, ,,,comp usa,,,,, actually it's tough comming up with something good, i'm an i.t. desktop support tech, i've worked for 3 different companies, all use acronyms 1 PCS technologies 2. BTL 3. FCG. just find some random letters and put them together it always sounds important.. :beer:
  21. It's corporate Norton Antivirus version 9.03 N A V 903
  22. and we're comming for you!!! Muhahahahaha
  23. there must be something wrong, it happened to me today too, when i was trying to go from page 1 to page 2 of a post... i had to re log in....strange :beer:
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