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    Computers (IT Network Administrator, day job)
    Music (playing guitar in a band), building gaming PC's for customers, playing shooters.

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    Core i7 2600 @3.4Ghz 16GB DDR3 1600 intel Q67 chipset XFX Radeon HD5750 1GB Samsung SSD 840 PRO (256GB) 1TB WD Caviar Black 1TB WD Caviar Blue 485W Power Supply
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    PC Builders Club

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  1. Wow! tell my man Alex I said HI, and Congrats!! cant believe he has a son, thats great!! good for him! Hey Mike, thanks bro! miss ya, how are things going for you?
  2. hey, thanks, i have always tried to come home to the pit and hang out on my birthday! glad to see everyone!!!
  3. Wow TX! you got lucky, back when I was an auto mechanic, i always hated using those spring compressors, scared the hell out of me... the energy built up in those coil springs is un believable!! I had one launch out on me, sounded like a bomb went off! almost knocked me over. but it missed me.
  4. I hope you had a Great Birthday!!!!!!!
  5. PowerChucker

    Case Stickers

    Bruce, thanks! those look Great!
  6. yup! hit 57 today!! feels like august! lol it was in the 50's all weekend too, i had shorts on all weekend, it was great
  7. yeah I feel your pain, it takes me a couple months to get used to not having Football on sundays..
  8. Hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY LOLA!!!
  9. Sorry I missed ya Dave! Hope you had a great one brotha!!
  10. i have lost track, at one point i was active at 13 forums, but lateley, i have a hard time just comming here to say hi! The Pit was my very first forum back in 2002 (before the change to the new Pit in 2003).
  11. Well i would say yes and no yes, based on shear size (member count) look at some of the users member numbers.. we have tons! and No, because the regular members are like a family and it doesnt feel that large to me (even if its just the perception of a small close knit family) does that make any sense??
  12. sounds like someone is using your pc as a spam mail relay..... pull it off the network and scan it.
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