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  1. Wow!! thanks for this huge list! I just installed Windows 8 Pro on my laptop, and one of my work laptops just to try it out. and so far Im not loving it too much.. so im thinking one of these links will make life with Windows 8 a bit more pleasant
  2. I just got rid of my crappy Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-Mobile) in the summer, and now have an iPhone 4S 16GB, i have had about 7 different Android phones since 2009, and i have to say none compare to the iPhone in terms of ease of use, reliability, and user experience. I know everyone is different, but working in IT, i get to work on a lot of different phones, and i think i would never go back to android. here is a list of all the Android phones I have had. Original Motorola DROID HTC Droid Incredible (probably my Favorite Droid phone) Motorola i1 Nexus 1 HTC G2 Galaxy S 4G Samsung Vi
  3. that is great!! ( I do love my iPhone.. but that is funny!)
  4. when you say that the downloads are being blocked.. what is blocking them? your anti virus software?(what kind are you using) how do you know they are being blocked? a pop-up message? can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing ? it might make this a bit more clear. also have you turned off the windows firewall, or other software firewall you may have installed.. also, have you tried disabling your antivirus software and then downloading the files?
  5. wow, 500.. do you have any errors in the even log? look in the application, and system logs.
  6. yeah, i use Cleanup on my 64bit win 7 enterprise with no issues, and have used it in vista as well. I also use it on server 2003, and server 2008.. pretty much works on everything.
  7. go here http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=69 click on the download link, then click on the version 4.5.2 and download and run. this product, Windows Cleanup by Steve Gould is one of the best temp/junk file cleanup utilities i have ever seen. I use it on my personal pc's and side jobs, and also use it here at work on our servers. you wont be disappointed.
  8. I love that site Bruce! I use it all the time for my own constant re formats, and for all of my side work. it works great and is a nice time saver.
  9. maybe i missed it, but did you try putting the original 40GB that came with the 4400 back in to see if it boots? I also have an old Dell , i just swapped out the power supply with a 480watt unit, it fit fine, just had to trim the back plate a bit so i could make it fit. btw dell was known for bad capacitors back then, they would leak all the time, i replaced hundreds of system boards in the Optiplex line (GX270's) under warranty.
  10. yup, thats the first thing i do on all my WIn7 builds!! i cant believe that its not on there by default.
  11. can you ping out to the internet? can you ping www.google.com? or some other sites? microsoft.com.... is her tcp/ip properties set to automatically asign ip and dns addresses?
  12. Thank you for this!! i love it! i use a windows 7 pc at work, running 32 bit on an amd64 X2 . im trying to learn all the ins and outs of 7, becaus we are starting to roll it out to the end users here. this folder will come in very handy!
  13. try an ipconfig /all if she is getting a 192.168.*.* address than she is connecting to the router and DHCP is working if she is getting a 169.254.*.* address then she is still connected to the router, but it is not passing DHCP to the laptop, and it will never hit the interwebs. i would in either case, do an ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew or you could right click that network conection and click on repair connection(it will renew automatically) you can also try power cycling the modem and router. you can try to reset internet explorer to its default settings also tools
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