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  1. hi i am running windows 7 and have several weather gadgets on the desktop which used to show the weather in different countries but when i turned my pc on today all of the gadgets said " cannot connect to service " they have all worked great with no problems until today has anybody got any ideas why they could have stopped working , i havent done any windows updates , or changed any settings , or even changed the locations of the weather in the gadgets . i can go online thru IE and get the weather with no problem , my broadband is permanently on when the pc is on so i can get on
  2. hi ,thanks for all of your replies , i have got windows xp home edition , just checked , i have also done the disable the messenger service from control panel , admin tools , i have just re booted and i am hoping that it has stopped it , thanks again for all your help .
  3. hi thanks for your reply , i tried that but i get a window saying cant find the file.
  4. hi , can anyone help me , i keep getting a pop up window from the Messenger Service , it says message from SECURITY MONITOR to WINDOWS USER on the 03/10/06 11.11.19 , it goes on to say important windows security bulletin , gives a list of infected software and tells me to download a patch from www.patchupdate.info ,can anyone tell me how to stop these pop ups , i have tried adaware ,spybot and hijack this, but they keep returning ,each pop up says something different , sometimes its my registry , sometimes its my software , any help much appreciated , thank you . i have windows 2000 , home ed
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