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  1. Hi All, If we right click and go to tab Security in internet explorer we can set the various properities related with securities w.r.t internet,intranet,trusted sites etc. Is there any possibility to export these ssetting from one system and setting it to another system's Inet explorer. Thanks
  2. When I connect using Modem to AT&T network first time it gets connected. If I disconnect and connect it again then below error appears. I need to restart the Computer to connect again. "Timed out waiting for authentication server to respond. Please verify that you have network connection or contact your network administrator for assistance(RIG0403E)." Then I press OK. One more Message "!Error 403 Socket connect call Failed" If I connect through Local internet connection then no problem. Can you help me to figure out the problem. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot friends. I ahven't deleted the installation windows2000 prof. in my E:\. How can I do it when I am logged in XP. I just want format my E:\ and have free disk . Regards
  4. Hi I installed XP on my C:\. Prior to that I installed windows2000 prof in E:\ Now Whenever I start my system there are three options Windows Xp Windows2000 Previous OS C:\ (I am not sure what is this when choos this I get a message Invalid System disk) Now I want to remove windows 2000 and Previous OS C:\ from the system w/o affecting Windows XP installation. Also I want remove thes three options to come when I start the system I want the system to be automatically loaded with XP. Can you help me. Regards
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