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  1. Please, here you have the PC Pitstop OverDrive Test failing workarounds! In the meantime waiting for the correction of the OverDrive No Session problem, you may try this, sorry, quite laborous workaround procedures! For ex. on Windows 10 v1809 10.0.17763.615 . Start OverDrive with IE11 -> http://www.pcpitstop.com/default.asp -> Free Tools -> Free Scans -> Legacy Scans -> OverDrive Free Analysis On the login page you may also try starting the test anonymously without logging in, but then the results will not be saved anywhere, and thus may not be too
  2. Hello, anybody home! What's the status solving this problem/nuisance for me and also many others ...
  3. Yes, this is the message, but on my tests this will appear already in less than 3mins just after the Drive Health/Sending the Results phase ..., and sometimes even in some 5+secs! Reloading the test results you may sometimes note, that the test results have been had a chance to got sent to the database, even without the last two regular phases! One more note, there will not be any difference processing all this with IE11 as a regular user Administrator, but also logging in as a super Administrator opening it by -> cmd -> net user administrator /active:yes , and b
  4. Yes, the problem still existing also on a brand new Windows 10 Home / IE11 v1903 installation. And , tested also with Windows Defender Virus Scan and Firewall both on and off! What on earth is causing this long lasting nuisance on this ... Addition 10.06.2019: IE11 has always been run as regular Administrator. The cut is taking place from 5-10secs on, but mostly at less than 3mins time from test start, after the Drive Health phase. Addition 13.06.2019 One more note, there will not be any difference processing a
  5. OK, yes, also eagerly waiting for some solution for this ... The most probable phase to get this test cut is, just after Drive Health / Sending Results to ...
  6. Please, here are some details for this problem: At ab. 80secs Test Time -> Drive Health phase Checking Fragmentation (C:) 48secs Analyzing Scan 52secs Sending Results to PC Pitstop Immediate cut to "No Session in Progress" But, some times getting even to the next step -> Almost There! window with parameters, and, -> Continue button leads to Immediate cut to "No Session in Progress", but, the Test Results may have had chance to been updated and seen from the All Tests window And, then very selden times
  7. Yes, have been facing this same problem "No Session in Progress" on PC Pitstop Overdrive quite often already since few years, and not only close to the final phase, but also somewhere else there in mid during the testing. I have been testing nowadays several Windows 10 machines with IE11 all up-to-date, and having luck with the test on maybe after 5-10 trials, and almost never on 1-2 trials as previously some years ago, so, it's very frustrating … There is maybe not to blame the quite new effective machines or 10-100Mbit lines, full testing taking time just some 2mins,
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