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  1. Please, here you have the PC Pitstop OverDrive Test failing workarounds! In the meantime waiting for the correction of the OverDrive No Session problem, you may try this, sorry, quite laborous workaround procedures! For ex. on Windows 10 v1809 10.0.17763.615 . Start OverDrive with IE11 -> http://www.pcpitstop.com/default.asp -> Free Tools -> Free Scans -> Legacy Scans -> OverDrive Free Analysis On the login page you may also try starting the test anonymously without logging in, but then the results will not be saved anywhere, and thus may not be too applicable now on this -> Run OverDrive anonymously -> Don't create an account or, if seen the another link -> Test this system But, after logging in regularly begin the test with -> Scan this system Now! -> Let's Go! If OverDrive starting, so far OK But, if not and No Session window appear -> Reverse 1 window back into -> Let's Go! -> Refresh window or F5 -> Let's Go! Note! This may have to be done 1-2-3+ times! If OverDrive starting now, so far OK Later very close to the test end after Drive Health/Sending results to, if No Session window appear -> Reverse 2 windows' back into -> Scan this system Now! -> Refresh window or F5 -> Scan this system Now! -> Let's Go! Note! All this may have to be done 1-5-10+ times for a successful test! When/if Almost There! window appear -> Continue If the Test Results Summary window appear, so far OK But, if not -> Reverse 1 window back into -> Almost there! -> Continue Note! May have to be tried 1-2-3+ times! If not at all successfully getting to the Test Results Summary window -> Reverse 3 windows' back once again into -> Scan this system Now! and go on similarly as on Reverse 2 above But, note! During these Reverse 2/3 procedures after the -> Refresh window you may also check on the Scan this system Now! window clicking the link on the right square of the machine's row, getting checked, if the test results despite all may anyway have reached the final phase and new results are already there! For this please, always write up some of the seen previous results for this machine to see, if the results are really new ones and not some previous, or maybe even older ones! After this, if no new results -> Reverse 1 window back once into -> Scan this system Now! and go on similarly as on Reverse 2 above And finally, after numerous patient retrials, if lucky enough … you may have and see the new actual Test Results there! Great! I have seen this happening many times ... I hope this problem will very soon be solved the right way and disappearing totally! Lucky test trials, especially in a hurry! lol, lol ...
  2. Hello, anybody home! What's the status solving this problem/nuisance for me and also many others ...
  3. Yes, this is the message, but on my tests this will appear already in less than 3mins just after the Drive Health/Sending the Results phase ..., and sometimes even in some 5+secs! Reloading the test results you may sometimes note, that the test results have been had a chance to got sent to the database, even without the last two regular phases! One more note, there will not be any difference processing all this with IE11 as a regular user Administrator, but also logging in as a super Administrator opening it by -> cmd -> net user administrator /active:yes , and back /active:no (Note! administrator by your own language, and hopefully it do not have any unknown password ...).
  4. Yes, the problem still existing also on a brand new Windows 10 Home / IE11 v1903 installation. And , tested also with Windows Defender Virus Scan and Firewall both on and off! What on earth is causing this long lasting nuisance on this ... Addition 10.06.2019: IE11 has always been run as regular Administrator. The cut is taking place from 5-10secs on, but mostly at less than 3mins time from test start, after the Drive Health phase. Addition 13.06.2019 One more note, there will not be any difference processing all this with IE11 as a regular user Administrator, but also logging in as a super Administrator opening it by -> cmd -> net user administrator /active:yes , and back /active:no (Note! administrator by your own language, and hopefully it do not have any unknown password ...).
  5. OK, yes, also eagerly waiting for some solution for this ... The most probable phase to get this test cut is, just after Drive Health / Sending Results to ...
  6. Please, here are some details for this problem: At ab. 80secs Test Time -> Drive Health phase Checking Fragmentation (C:) 48secs Analyzing Scan 52secs Sending Results to PC Pitstop Immediate cut to "No Session in Progress" But, some times getting even to the next step -> Almost There! window with parameters, and, -> Continue button leads to Immediate cut to "No Session in Progress", but, the Test Results may have had chance to been updated and seen from the All Tests window And, then very selden times even to -> Test Results! Great! Hope this helps to find the problem culprit!
  7. Yes, have been facing this same problem "No Session in Progress" on PC Pitstop Overdrive quite often already since few years, and not only close to the final phase, but also somewhere else there in mid during the testing. I have been testing nowadays several Windows 10 machines with IE11 all up-to-date, and having luck with the test on maybe after 5-10 trials, and almost never on 1-2 trials as previously some years ago, so, it's very frustrating … There is maybe not to blame the quite new effective machines or 10-100Mbit lines, full testing taking time just some 2mins, so, there must be some other explanation and cure for these accidental cuts and error message! So, please, help me to solve this "minor" problem, on a very useable tool, thanks!
  8. Hi! Sorry, I'm coming on a late train to this, but after seeing the link on the other new thread ... Interesting thing with the User Defined vs. Auto. Which were the User Defined values, compared with the actual reality of the disk, and from where/how were they got to the BIOS in the first place? Best regards, Pete V.
  9. Hi! Thank you dave for your comment. The paging may have some influence on the test results, but I do not, so far, believe it to be the explanation for this much varying test result behaviour. Now I have this opinion, because the testing environment and procedure has all the time been exactly the same with no active changes, no differences on step by step etc. during one single boot, or between sub-sequent boots, and thus the needs for memory and the paging should also have been very much the same step by step on different test rounds. I now did also test some 3 rounds with the Memory and CPU Observer v2.3 monitor on during all the testing, and did see the memory and page file usage on-line all the time by 1 second intervals, and this didn't give too much varying usage figures during the tests, the memory was used at levels 35-39MB out of 40MB and the page file at levels 24-29MB out of 96MB, but unfortunately the paging activity is not seen too clearly on this monitor. Next I may do some tests with a memory management on ... Could there still be some other explanation for the much varying results? Maybe something somehow related with the hardware, e.g. a mobo/bus resources division or balancing for different components defined just at the beginning of the boot-up/post procedure? Or, maybe still something else ... Any ideas would be much appreciated ... Best regards, Pete V.
  10. Hi! Please, if there is anyone who could give me some explanation and/or corrective advice or hints for this "much varying test results" topic of mine, I would very much appreciate. As you will see on the PC details this case do not anymore have any "commercial" value or interest, this will be just an academic technical discussion on the topic. This old Olivetti Echos P133C Laptop has been a very good "workhorse" for me all the time already since 1997. Lately I have been using it just now and then for some special purposes, and now it has got a good test bench for getting aquainted with "squeezing the last drop out" of an older PC. So, I upgraded it from it's original Win95a to Win98SE and now use it on an 256kB DSL line through a 10Mbps Ethernet PCMCIA card. I have been checking, and updated if needed, all the drivers after the Win98SE upgrade, but unfortunately there is not available any new Win98SE version drivers for the UMC UM8886 chipset, as the manufacturer Olivetti did sell all their laptop business away already since years, so I had to satisfy with the MS Standard PCI IDE driver, which is loaded on by Windows at boot-up. Another remarkable limitation, on which there might be no solution, is the 40MB already full max. memory. Since the Windows upgrade, driver checking and DSL line connecting the laptop has been working quite satisfactorily for off-line work, and also on surfing but maybe just for basic things and rather in a not so stressing calm atmosphere ... OK, but, this actual topic and my question is, why this particular PI/133MHz mobo laptop do behave on PC PitStop Full Tests with so much varying results? I sure know what I'm asking, as I have been doing some hundreds of tests with this laptop during these last weeks. And, I'm not pointing to the Scores or Flags or Internet speeds, but the much varying CPU, Memory and Video results between different boots, and sometimes some much varying result even during a same boot. On the link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=WJJB9WRKA8RSJBWE you'll see the results for the last 4x3=12 test rounds. The three tests in a row/group are always made after/during a same warm boot and there is 4 different sub-sequent warm boots. I have been testing this same with sub-sequent cold boots and even cold-cold-cold boots, but always there is coming up and seen the same randomly much varying behaviour. One more thing, the throughput elapsed time doesn't come up on the results, but it do also reflect somehow the test results, so, here you have the times from the last(newest) test round to the first(oldest) test made minutes seconds 3 14 3 10 3 35 / 4 28 4 35 4 50 / 2 53 2 55 3 09 / 2 45 2 45 3 01 Thanks in advance for any replies and comments. Best regards, Pete V.
  11. Hi! Thank you dave. It was something like that, I also was suspecting ... OK, the figures seem all correct now. Best regards, Pete V. M.Sc.(IT) Helsinki, Finland
  12. Hi! Thank you Hawk for your reply and advice. Now I did a) disable the Hibernate diminish the System Recovery disk space from 737MB to 200MB c) clean the disk with TuneUp Utilities 4.1 for some 40MB and got at 18:10 the full test results http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=FEQB9WQZK8RSSEWE and the disk space figures Full Test / Disk Details Size C:\ 6149 Free C:\ 3677 Disk Health Test Vol.size C:\ 6.15 Used sp. C:\ 2.47 Free sp. C:\ 3.68 Files 16633 Fragm. 2%/2%/169/319/1.02 So, these seem very reasonable and about the right ones! But, what has been happening ...! For one and half hours ago at 16:26 the results were http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=FEQB9WQZK8RSSEWE and, I can swear as I noted them very carefully, the disk figures were Full Test / Disk Details Size C:\ 6149 Free C:\ 3677 Disk Health Test Vol.size C:\ 6.6 Used sp. C:\ 2.2 Free sp. C:\ 3.3 Files 19335 Fragm. 3%/3%/581/1133/1.05 The Files count and Fragm. figures have been changed from these by the TuneUp disk clean procedure, but why the Vol.size/Used/Free figures have been like this 6.6/2.2/3.3 I do not find any base or explanation for ... And one more thing, please note, previously yesterday the 2.2 and 3.3 figures were vice versa, but sorry, that time I didn't yet note the Fragm. or the Files count figures. Regarding the case #2 I may check and re-test it separately later this week ... Best regards, Pete V.
  13. Hi! Please, following you have actual new results on the two PC's with the somehow erroneous looking figures on the Disk Health Test. 1. PeteCPQP650 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=4QXF9WA4ZFRSFZWE Full Test / Disk Details Size C:\ 6149 F:\ 2063 Free C:\ 2915 F:\ 1171 Disk Health Test Vol.size C:\ 6.6 F:\ 2.2 Used sp. C:\ 3.3 F:\ 892 Free sp. C:\ 2.2 F:\ 1.1 2. SakuP233 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=Y9D89W140TRSC1WE Full Test / Disk Details Size C:\ 2010 D:\ 2063 Free C:\ 422 D:\ 1171 Disk Health Test Vol.size C:\ 2.2 D:\ 2.2 Used sp. C:\ 1.1 D:\ 892 Free sp. C:\ 426 D:\ 1.1 So, my mathematics do not accept the calculation -> Size=Used+Free on the Disk Health Test, even being very liberal with some 100's of MB's and taking in consideration also the space for FAT's, NTFS's etc., or, -> the two different free space results on drive C:\ on case no 1, not to mention other unlogical discrepancies on other figures ... There might be some explanation for all this, but still I'm suspecting some kind of errors displaying these figures. Best regards, Pete V.
  14. Hi! OK! Yes, now, after some 10 minutes, the Disk Health test did work well on this particular third PC, all results seemed reasonable, maybe some corrective action did take place and got active just now ... Best regards, Pete V.
  15. Hi! Thank you for your reply. Tomorrow I'll come back with the test results of the two referred PC's, when once again being at them. Now I'm at a third one, a very old one, on which I'll in few days be preparing another new topic on, and this one is not accepted to a Disk Health test at all, just giving a message "PC Pitstop Disk Health Unable to run disk health (ScanRating): Unknown(-1)" OK, let's see, what's this, too. If I remember right, the Disk Health test did work all well on this particular PC previously a few days ago ... Best regards, Pete V.
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