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  1. What i do.. cause ive done this soooo many times.....U put the Operations Cd in, restart computer, then U FOLLOW the directions/ instructions.......when u do this it will ask u to delete your hard drive... so it can do a fresh and clean install......i mean its pretty simple actually
  2. im goin to try and undo last restoration what else will i have to loose....ive lost everythin so far..
  3. yea it was all in my documents,,,,,, i had just added a new hard drive and i took most of my data and put it all into my new hard drive, for storage,...so i called in My Documents....as in when i go to Start and click on My Documents, it would go to my new hard drive which is drive E,,,,,,,,,,where everything used to be on Drive C
  4. i used system restore once.... and then when i saw missin files i think i did Undo System restore.....but should i use it again but like a week b4 in the past?
  5. i used the one with windows or whatever.....start-accessories-system tools- system restore
  6. yea i think i had already did that... but how do u loose data when u Use system restore?? i dont get it
  7. ok so i downloaded the GetDataBack for NTFS (version 2.31) from http://www.runtime.org/downloads.htm and i paid the $80 so i can copy my files back to my hard drive ...welll i got sum of my files back but not all... and when i try to get back my image files such as Jpeg and all them other ones.. that sum will work but others will have no file size, which means its gone......is there any other progs out there (freeware) or any applications that will RECOVER lost data from using MICROSOFT'S STUPID SYSTEM RESTORE??????
  8. how did u go about using it? :help:
  9. can i get ur help on using this?....like when i save the deleted jpeg file..and i go to open it up and it says UNKNOWN FILE FORMAT, and sum pics work and sum dont.. i dont understand
  10. well kinda, the program is pretty stupid to use if u dont kno waht ur doin and the directions suck..........i found my pictures that were deleted but when i get em back into my hard drive.. they wont open or they just dont even work
  11. well does anyone else out there know of any freeware progs that recover deleted data from ur hard drives?
  12. i am in desperate need of help....i used system restore on my comp and lost all of my pictures that had half of my life on them and also all my songs and movies totaling up to 20 gigs of files. ......i found GetDataBack for NTFS and it found all of my files but i need to have the liceensed product in order to copy all my files back to my hdd.......IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP TO FIND ANY PROGRAM THAT CAN FIND FILES THAT WERE SUMHOW DELETED OR WAHTEVER....plz help me out :h :crash: :crash: elp: :help: :help:
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