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  1. This place is no longer PC Pitstop, in fact it is not called PC Pitstop either..... Why are you still here if your not employed by PC Matic?
  2. Not if you installed v5.33. It was Piriform's servers that were hacked and that malicious payload came from piriform. You can read the update from yesterday here https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/09/ccleaner-malware-outbreak-is-much-worse-than-it-first-appeared/ The story of CCleaner being hacked first broke on the 18th from a blog by Cisco Talos http://blog.talosintelligence.com/2017/09/avast-distributes-malware.html
  3. Joe C


  4. Try letting the XP disk do the partition and format
  5. I think cd's burn in a different file format than video dvd's
  6. It states this at the bottom of the page.... The story as represented above is written as a satire or parody. It is fictitious.
  7. look for a tag on the back or side for a specific model/serial #
  8. http://casemods.pointofnoreturn.org/cpumeter/
  9. Nice link firecracker, here's another one too but I never used it http://www.teamcti.com/pview/prcview.htm always good to scan anything you down load with your a/v and spyware prog. before you open it
  10. Ya, you do have to iminunize,just checked and 87 items weren't
  11. http://www.goback.com/ Symantec bought it out
  12. You'd be lookin at it the wrong way Shogan, Make your replicate work his :filtered: off...you go on vacation and don't forget that crdit card!!
  13. XP has the drivers for your other mobo and it might crash, most likely it'll want you to reactivate,if it won't do it on line,just give them a call and tell that ya changed a your hardware. Best would be a fresh clean install with new mobo/memory/cpu
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