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  1. I've used AOL broadband for over a year now...and its fine, no problems at all. Download speeds of around 570 and upload speeds around 250 (most other services have only 128 upload max). Signing on takes about 3 seconds, then I just minimize AOL and use IE for browsing. I pay £27.99 a month which is quite reasonable. I think the offer they're doing now of the free modem is excellent....forget what others say about AOL...go for it.
  2. Save yourself all the guesswork involved in trying to find out what codec has been used to make the movie, and download a program called Gspot. Once you've got Gspot, load your movie into it and it will give you all kinds of information about that movie....including what video codec has been used to make the movie. Once you know that you can then find and install the codec you need. Download Gspot from here: http://www.divx-digest.com/software/gspot.html
  3. I use AOL dsl broadband...its great...no problems at all and good download and upload speeds. It would take forever to download though unless you already have broadband of some sort...surely you can get hold of a CD??...they're everywhere!
  4. Yep...the cartridges are very cheap...so it doesn't really matter if the i320 goes through them quickly. As I say..buy one....good printer.
  5. Ok...don't know why that link doesn't link straight to the page I wanted it too!...anyway...use the drop downs on the left to enter "Canon" and "inkjet" and then "S200".
  6. This is where I got my cartridges from: http://www.box-shift.co.uk/cgi-bin/cartrid....asp?r=2&page=3 These are for the Canon S200....but the i320 uses the exact same cartridges. (as the i320 has only been out a few months I don't think this site has had a chance to include the i320....deffo the same carts though)
  7. OK...I think I'm qualified to comment on this subject...cos I own a Canon i320! Print quality is very good. Speed is not too bad either....only thing against it is the fact that it does go through cartridges quite quickly as they are only little cartridges...but saying that, the carts are VERY cheap if you don't mind using non-Canon compatibles. Search the net and you'll find lots of stores selling twin packs (black/colour) for around £4.00. I bought a pack of 4 black 4 colour for £18 delivered...and they work just as good as Canon originals. Great printer for the price......buy one.
  8. I've never updated my copy of XP Pro since I (ahem) bought it Never had any problems...if it aint broke don't fix it.
  9. He's not a racist...and neither am I. Just because we don't want our country to be overrun by scrounging asylum seekers who could quite easily find refuge in a safe country nearer to their original country, does NOT make us racist....to be racist we would have to only object to people of a different race entering our country...I object to ALL of them...whatever their race!...call us "aslyumseekerist" if you like...but we aint racists.
  10. This ain't about race is it?....I don't care what colour the asylum seekers are that pile into Britain like locusts every year....I don't want em here!...and neither do the vast majority of the British people...its just not "politically correct" to admit it.
  11. Oh I see ...well the bitrate is decided by whoever created the MP3 in the first place. When that person ripped a music track from a CD he had to decide what quality he/she wanted it to be...the higher the bitrate the higher the sound quality. As a rough guide I reckon 192kbs is about equal to CD quality...128kbs is OK, but not good enough for my ears. 256kbs and 320kbs can sound awesome...better than CD sometimes. Obviously the higher the bitrate the bigger the file size though...so its a trade-off between quality and download time, although if you're on broadband always go for the highest bitrate possible.
  12. Not entirely sure what you mean by that...Do you mean the bitrate of an albw?...if so then I haven't got a clue! Obviously an albw is not actually an MP3 file...its a sort of zipped file that just happens to contain MP3s,and so as such cannot actually have a bitrate. I have found, however, that if an albw is described as being, say, 192kbs then it usually DOES contain MP3s at that bitrate. (but not always!)
  13. The shareware version allows you to actually create albumwraps...I don't bother with that. The free version is just for extracting albumwraps...which is all you need when downloading albws off Winmx....find the free version near the bottom of this page: http://www.infamus.com/albumwrap/extractor.html
  14. Doof..they'll all think yer a weedy bloke!....13 stone 5 is actually 187 pounds :mrgreen: Me: Terry 36 6' 6" ~17 stone....~240 pounds
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