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  1. Believe it or not these guys were once 'normal'. That is before the visited the Pentagon and were whisked away into a secret laboratory where they had brain implants fitted ......
  2. Friend, you display that healthy sense of anarchy and irony so deplete these days. Are you sure you're not British ?? (Twll din pob Sais. Pob hwyl! )
  3. It's called "The Politics of Fear" and politicians all over are jumping on the bandwaggon because us silly sods vote for them when they put the heebyjeebies up us
  4. Britain, Cradle of Freedom, Land of Hope and Glory, Home of Real Beer.
  5. Having weighted votes for different people (based on their - alleged - intelligence, colour of their eyes, the amount of their income, the amount of tax they pay, their taste in music, or whatever) would be crazy and it is not what DEMOcracy is about. The essential element of DEMOcracy is equality and the ownership (or, more correctly, stewardship) of any country or nation does not belong more to one kind of person than to another.Here in Britain voting rights belong to everyone over 18 and under 70 with the exception of those who are proven criminals or lunatics.
  6. There is a programme called OnSpeed which claims to speed up DUN and it has had some very good reports. But it costs!
  7. That's a good point. You get to vote because you have natural rights as a citizen not because you are a taxpayer. Taxation should be based entirely on what you can afford to pay given the income you have. If you have special needs (old age, infirmity, disablement, etc.) then some of that taxation will be passed to you by way of support benefits. Seems fair to me.
  8. (Am I sensing the whiff of censorship coming on ...)
  9. Canada and the USA are two different creatures. From what I can see Canada has a tradition of caring about its people whereas the USA seems to be a feudalist devil-take-the-hindmost kind of society
  10. 'by design' = 'deliberately-manufactured'! You appear to agree with what I said or do I fail to see the point you are making? :santa: Happy Christmastime, Everyone!
  11. Why the obsession with "power" and "strength", though? Today we have a world dominated by these things (particular in the areas of Big Business and Government) and never before in history has this strength and power been so unevenly distributed and the deliberately-manufactured dichotomy between rich and poor, between over-priviledged and under-priviledged, been so marked!
  12. The whole world can see that U.S.A. presidential elections have become elaborate scams. It seems to me that the International Electoral Committee should certainly have been scrutinising the last one.
  13. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your very helpful inputs. (I'll be sticking with Win98SE though!)
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