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  1. Well the fix itself ran fine...and I rebooted...But the problem has not been solved! Sincerely, Erik
  2. Yeah, we'll see. I really hope it works. This has been entirely frustrating. I want everyone to know I really appreciate them chiming in. Sincerely, Erik
  3. I'm having my brother burn the Winsock fix for me. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Erik
  4. If you can find something on that Web page that helps with my problem, let me know! Thanks, Erik
  5. I hardwired the laptop to the router with an ethernet cable and ran the Network Setup Wizard. It created something called a "Network Bridge." Is this what I want? Anyways, after creating this Network Bridge nothing changed. I still have the same problem. I agree with you. It sure will be comforting to finally figure all of this out! Sincerely, Erik
  6. Aussie, I'm having trouble figuring out how to translate what you're saying into Microsoft XP. Can anyone help, or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks, Erik
  7. It's ok...I still have no idea what to do next, though... Sincerely, Erik
  8. Completely lost based on what you said. Thanks for chiming in though! Sincerely, Erik
  9. I tried changing my router's power setting to "Meximum Power Save", but it didn't do anything. I don't think your other advice will apply in this case, either, but thank you for trying. Sincerely, Erik
  10. My wireless card IS listed. I have all that you mentioned. Thanks, Erik
  11. The "netsh..." command did not repair my Internet connection. My machine is a laptop. I moved it into the room with the router and plugged it directly in with an ethernet cable. Do I need to run Network Setup? I wasn't able to get a connection. I also reset the router, but it didn't do anything, either. Thanks, Erik
  12. 1. I checked the base station management software. Access is not being limited to computers with certain MAC addresses. 2. I did not see anything in the base station management software that limited the IP address range, but I may not have been looking in the right places. If anyone can tell me where to look in the base station management software for this information, that would be helpful. Thank you. Sincerely, Erik
  13. I did exactly as you said. Instead of an error message it just takes me to another command prompt. Is this normal?
  14. I did exactly as you said and it came up with: "The following command was not found: ip reset resetlog.txt" Do I have to have my wireless card in when I'm doing this?
  15. I tried running it in the "Run" window. How do I get to a command prompt? Is it: Start>Run>cmd>[Enter]
  16. Someone did ask me to release and renew the IP address, but it didn't help. When I ran the release command my computer told me the IP address had already been released. When I ran the renew command the computer told me it couldn't do it.
  17. Fortunately, I have another wireless card I was able to try out. I installed it, but the same thing happens! I am able to receive a signal from the wireless router but unable to connect to the Internet! I noticed that in both instances, in the Properties of each, I don't have an IP address, Default Gateway, or anything. I'm guessing something in Windows XP got screwed up. Erik
  18. My wireless card does have two lights on it: One turns green when the card is plugged into the computer and the computer is powered up. The other blinks green when I am connected to the Internet. Currently, the light that indicates the computer's power is on is the only light that is on. As for the small push button on the side of the laptop... I'm guessing you mean the button to push when I want to eject the card. Am I right? Anyways, I pushed this button once and the other green light blinked two times and stopped. There was no connection to the Internet. I pushed the button a
  19. I am not able to swap wireless cards because the computer that isn't working is a laptop using a wireless card that fits into a PCMCIA slot and the two working computers are desktops that don't have PCMCIA slots.
  20. I did uninstall Adaware. I also tried a System Restore but my computer tells me it cannot do it. I tried multiple past dates with the same result.
  21. Just so everyone is clear, my personal computer is the only computer on the network that is unable to access the Internet.
  22. Intratech, I did exactly as you suggested but to no avail. I'm not sure if you know, but there are three computers on my network. One of them has the modem and is connected to the wireless router through an ethernet cable. The other two have wireless cards. One of these two wireless computers (my personal computer) suddenly stopped sending and receiving packets one day. It is able to receive a signal from the router but doesn't send or receive packets. It was working just fine on the network until that fateful day. The other two computers have always worked on the netwo
  23. By the way, I welcome anyone and everyone else to chime in on this issue, as well! Don't be afraid! I really need your help! :help: Thanks, Erik
  24. No, no, please barge in! Thank you so much for trying to help because this is so frustrating and I think people are running out of answers! How do I do what you just described? Thanks, Erik :help:
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