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    Athlon64 3000+ 512mb DDR BFG 6800 Ultra H2O Cooled 2ch SATA Raid 0 Vapochill LS 2x- Xconnect 500W psu's
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    Overclocking Club
  1. Guess I'll have to throw in an older test... my rig is down while I'm Plasticoating the video card " 5'c temps tend to produce a little condensation " I hope I'm in da club. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KCQR9WXJD8RST8X7
  2. I live on Main and Akard myself..."the Kirby Building". Exactly how many Dallasites do we have here on the pit?
  3. I know this is taboo around here but have you thought of going ebay... got my 3700+ there for $300 from a reputable dealer. If you can find one for the same or less it's definetly the one to get as it has a 1mg level 2 cache.
  4. 32s runnin 2.95ghz....time to crank it up a little I guess.
  5. The reason some people have problems running a second PSU is because and atx PSU must have about a 2 or 3 amp load on its 5V rail to produce full clean power....just plug a 3ohm 10W resister into the 5Vrail of the ATX connector and it will be fine, I'm runnin 2 500W X-Connects "the spare is running my waterpump, radiator fans and a 62mm Peltier" haven't had any problems with it.
  6. Nice score IG....I think we just started the club. now we need Beast to throw a score in and it will be official.
  7. DFI Nf3 Ultra 250Gb....currently the best 754 board you can get...great for OC'n
  8. did you save the download to your desktop or the floppy? You should just download it to the desktop...start the program, at the point it asks you to insert the floppy just pop in an empty and formatted floppy and click to create the disk.
  9. try the ddr550 EL series....it's smokin fast, just reset mine to 2.5,4,4,6 timings at 270 fsb. it'll do 280 but I'm reaching the limit of my OC until I start tweakin the Vapo this weekend.
  10. How bout the 3000+ club? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KCQR9WXJD8RSX8E7
  11. Yeah, Soyo's could definetly use a bit better instructions for the beginner. Download the file option number 2 under Award Bios..."you want the .exe file" it should be self executing as far as making the flash disk. Then just follow the directions they link to for the bios..."print them if necessary", and you'll be fine.
  12. Just download the most recent bios for your board....most MB manufacturers have programs that allow you to flash the bios from windows, I'm not sure but I think Soyo does. Just use the program, follow the directions and all will be well. I've flashed my bios multiple times with no probs.
  13. Ronnie, what fsb did you hit with your OCZ and what model was it? only askin cuz I'm getting a fsb of 270 at 2.5,4,4,7 timings and pit mem score of 11,300 with my OCZ
  14. http://home.comcast.net/~solarecho13/Sisoft_2_Raptors.JPG8) Posted images should be no larger than 550x412. Images that are larger than this will be converted to a link without notice http://home.comcast.net/~solarecho13/hd_3.0_2_drive_raid.JPG This is with 2 Raptors, just multiply times 2 for a 4 HD setup...."oc'ing with 4 drives is actually more than double as my board doesn't lock the 2nd SATA controller"
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