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  1. any update on this....it really would be nice to have doest cost the site anything to install cause its free. We the members pay for the app $2-3
  2. Tapatalk http://www.tapatalk.com/ get listed so we can access from phone and tablets the add-on is free for the site users just have to buy the app
  3. yeah thats why i said i wanted to keep the airflow in my case I know i need some wire management but all that will come into play when i get my modular 2x 80mm side panel fans blowing in 2x 80mm fans in the back blowing out 2x 80mm fans in front of case blowing in (cooling hard drives) 1x 80mm fan top of case blowing out will take better pics later Hard Drive Fans Rear Panel Fans Side Panel Fans Top Case Fan
  4. Was looking for something like this instead trying to keep the air fow in my case power supply like this one
  5. Just my opinion the 8400gs sucks to hell im running a similar card in PCI-E the Nvidia Geforce 8600 GS @ 512MB Ram and its slow im upgrading this thing asap my system specs are in my sig (a much more powerful system than yours) and that part of the test does the same to me so i hope that makes you feel a little better. I would suggest getting a better card and the guys here will help you pick one out as they helped me....here is the post video card help
  6. And you are so right that is crazy i went to compusa yesterday and a 600w was $100-$130 depending the brand and a 700w was $200 and up they are expensive and the price jump is crazy yeah i kinda agree i had this system on a 300w power supply it ran fine and the psu still works in another system msi motherboard amd athlon x2 cpu geforce 8400gs video card 2x 1gb consair ram 2x ide lite-on dvd burners floppy drive 8-1 card reader wintv capture card 80 sata HD 500gb sata HD 250gb IDE HD on Pci card digital fan controller 2x 80mm lighted fans 1x 80mm reg fan 1 cpu fan stock
  7. I knew that i just wanted an second opinion of to look for 4x 1gb 1066mhz ddr ram as i want to get the most out of this cpu & motherboard and hopefully i can find a 750w modular power supply they look so cool, and maybe i will run across a sale today maybe i can upgrade this video card that scores very poorly on the video test
  8. I used it and it said i was in dual mode I need you guys help i little bit more i have a kingwin 450watt cont. power supply is that enough to handle all of this stuff asus motherboard amd phenom x4 cpu geforce 8400gs video card 2x 1gb consair ram 2x pioneer sata dvd burners floppy drive 8-1 card reader wintv capture card 80 sata HD 500gb sata HD 250gb IDE HD on Pci card digital fan controller 4x 80mm lighted fans 3x 80mm reg fans 1 cpu fan stock
  9. yeah i did 1&3 and the computer slowed up big time i put it back to 1&2 and it worked like a charm i could see the differance in programs loading
  10. Ok everyone is so helpful so i will give this thing some tweaking and run a pit test and post the results wish me luck here is the picture of my mother board i will be putting one stick of ram in the very first slot closet to the cpu and one in the first black slot closrt to the cpu
  11. No one answered the above question i also need to know since my motherboard supports dual channel memory right now i have 2x 1gb consair memory do i need to have both in the yellow slots or both in the black slots or one in yellow and one in black to run the dual channel setup
  12. i was running a dual core now im running a quad core some of the parts came out of my old pc the memory and the video card and the 80gb sats HD the rest of it is new. I didnt know that will go get more ram today even through i thought windows xp wouldn't reconize more than 2gb of ram Also another quick question my motherboard says it supports the 3gb data transfer between the HD and MB if i remove the 1.5gb pin from my hd will i have to reformat and reinstall XP again
  13. ok friends its a new edition to the family that right a new build and i need to know if i made some good choices Motherboard - Asus M3N78 Pro Cpu Amd Phenom 9950 2x 1 GB Consair 6400 DDR2 @ 800 Mhz XMS2 Nvidia Geforce 8400GS @ 512mb ram everything is sata HD/CD/DVD Burners update here is a picture of my board
  14. So after reading all of the lastest posts which is going to be my best option or a least where do i start? I do play alot of NFS i have carbon, prostreet, undercover, underground 1,2 then i have the NFS collectors pack (the old ones) i also use protools & cooledit pro & soundforge alot thats the reason for the 2 monitors but i dont have to game widescreen on both monitors one monitor is fine lol hell its 24'
  15. Thats a nice care but its going to block my other pci slot i only have 2 and im using both of them wintv capture card and pci ide card for 250 gb hard drive like how that one has the hdmi on the card but with all these cards i love nvidia i guess they are not top of the line anymore or are they
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