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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply! I posted in this forum because the topic is somewhat related to installing and using PC Pitstop Optimize. I purchased it because of the huge differences in download speeds between these workstations and it had no effect. I have a LinkSys router connected to my cable modem. All workstations are connected directly into the router with CAT 5 cable (i.e. not wirelessly). The full tests I have run don't indicate any obvious problems except for minor data and file fragmentation, so I have been running a defrag all morning on the HP. I wouldn't expect that to have such an effect on download performance, though, since it's not a particularly disk-intensive activity? When the defrag finishes, I'll re-run the tests and post the results in the other forum. Thanks! Adrian
  2. OK guys, what did I do wrong? 84 "views" and no replies...?
  3. I use Adelphia's Powerlink Premier service (supposed to be 3Mbit) and am getting quite different results from the Bandwidth Test on different workstations: Dell Inspiron 8200 notebook, 1.8Ghz, 1Gb RAM, Win2K Pro SP4 - consistently get about 1800 Kb/s. HP Pavilion zd7000 notebook, 3.4GHz P4 HT, 1Gb RAM, Win XP Pro SP1a - consistently get about 2600 Kb/s. IBM NetVista desktop, 3.06GHz P4, 640Mb RAM, Win2K Pro SP4 - consistently get about 3400 Kb/s All three workstations are on the same LAN, connected to the same router and cable modem. I just bought Optimizer to try on the Inspiron and it made no difference. I then checked the registry settings it had made and none of the keys are even present on the IBM, so I couldn't compare them. Any idea why there is such a difference between these workstations and how I can speed up the slow ones? Thanks! Adrian
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