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    asus a8n sli premium amd skt939 fx-53 2.4ghz 4gb ocz pc3200 2x evga 8800gt superclocked
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  1. I have had something similar happen to me awhile back with windows update.it turned out that all i had to do to correct it is turn off automatic updates and run the updates manually.I don't know why it happened to that pc because i have ran updates after that while leaving automatic updates turned on with no problems.for some reason on that particular pc you could not have updates turned on while trying to download the updates manually.to do this right click on my computer and scroll down to properties,then click on the automatic updates tab,then fill in the dot that says turn off automatic updates.it may or may not work but either way,there will be no harm done to your pc by trying it.good luck
  2. i can do that,i was just hoping to find one of those cards so i could have the extra usb ports,since the only ports are gonna be whats coming from the card.it lookis like i'm not gonna have a choice,it's either that or replace the motherboard.so geuss i'll be getting a usb crd lol,thanks for the help and replies everyone
  3. Adaptec AUA-1420 802.11B NOTEBOOK ADAPTER WITH 2 USB PORTS.it's the only one i have found anywhere,including the only one on ebay.surely there's got to be a newer model than the 802.11b
  4. no need to apoligize,thanks for the reply and offering to help!!
  5. i'm pretty sure they make them.i found one on ebay but the wireless is 802.11b and i was really wanting a wireless g card.anyone??
  6. does anyone know if there is pcmcia card that is a wireless network card and has usb ports on it?i have a laptop and the usb ports are broken on it.if there is a card like this made it would save me a ton of trouble and money.if anyone knows of something like this please let me know,it would be greatly appreciated.thanks everyone
  7. i would definetly start off with removing unnecessary start up programs.it seems like most all branded computers come with tons of start up programs running right out of the box.also seems like most of these programs are not needed at startup as you can just open and run them from the start menu when you need to use them.removing these will also free up alot of your cpu load,letting your pc run faster like a new pc should run.just my geuss here but,i would just about bet it would stop your pc from freezing up to.
  8. i posted this in the custom build forum with no replies as of yet so i'm not sure if i put it in the wrong forum or not.but anyway i hope someone over here may have some experience or advice about my problem.my system is acting up and i can't figure out what it is.i press the power button and it gets power for a split second and then shuts off,it will not do this again unless i shut off the switch on the psu and then back on again,but then it does the exact same thing.i've tried switching out the cpu with no luck,the vid. cards,the psu,ram and tried using a different mobo. and I tried plugging it into a different wall outlet with the same results.i took one of my other puters and plugged it into the same wall socket that this one is plugged into and it worked just fine.then only thing i can think of that it may be is the case is getting shorted out somehow.does anyone have any advice or ideas of what this may be? any help is greatly appreciated cuz i'm all out of ideas other than it being the case itself.anyone??? it also makes like a sqelching or high pitched skreech for a second when i press the power button on.
  9. i had an lcd with a small nick in it to.i just bought a small tube of lens doctor(that stuff thats used for nicks and scrapes in your glasses)and it worked fine.you couldn't even tell it was there while the lcd was turned on but could notice it while it was turned off,which didn't matter to me.so you can spend about 8 bucks and try some of that stuff,even if you don't like it atleast you wont be losing much.it worked for me
  10. thats nice,it certainly looks alot better than having your case overcrowded with alot of fans.i really don't need the extra cooling as the fans in my case do a pretty good job.i'm really just wanting to mess around with water cooling and try to learn a little more about it.plus i think it would be alot quieter than having all the fans running to.i'm more concerned about a water leak than anything.i'm gonna go for it but im still a bit intimidated,geuss we'll see how it goes.thanks again everyone
  11. and btw,not all of us can afford to or may not even want to upgrade everytime a newer part comes out.my computer does everything i want it to and then some.so until i'm able to or if i decide i even want to, i'll stick with what i already have and be happy with it.
  12. asus a8n sli premium skt 939 mobo,athlon64 x2 4200 skt 939 cpu,4 gig's ocz pc3200,2evga 8800 gt's superclocked in sli mode,2 250 seagate sata hard drive in raid 0 and a 1200 watt coolmax psu unit.
  13. i'm considering switching to a water cooled system.can anyone tell me of a good kit that will have everything i need included and ready to go right out of the box? i've always thought about going to water cooled but am a little intimidated by it as i know virtually nothing about it.any advice or suggestions are appreciated.thanks guys and gals
  14. hey everybody,i just wanted to say thanks for all your replies and good advice.i bought an x2 4200 tonight and should be here soon,cant wait to get it.thanks again everyone
  15. the cpu i have now is [email protected] ghz,think it would be much of a boost if i were to switch to the [email protected] ghz?
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