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  1. ARMARI, the good people here do a great service to people in need. To take advantage of that is just not on.
  2. Thankyou everyone for all your help.
  3. I think that i will leave everything as it is, i do not wan't to tempt fate by trying anything else. Don't suppose that any one could recomend some where good to buy this 3200ram and will ship to the uk(unless this goes against forum rules of course). Thanks
  4. Well i just looked at the ram and it is pc2700. Still i am none the wiser as to why it has started to work and am a little worried that it may stop working (i guess i have to live with that), unless of course anyone can enlighten me as to why its working now. I am prepared to upgrade the ram once my student loan has come through in a month so i will do that then.
  5. What just happened has made me the most most confused man in the known universe. I went back to Bios set everything back to the way it started 200 for cpu and 166 for dram. Then out of the blue it actually started properly and both those checker programs now tell me i have a AMD Athlon XP 3200+, running with a core speed of 2200.1MHz. I can assure you that i made no other alterations or tweeks, or turned it off and on, or did anything other than give up on it. Can anyone out there tell me A) what just happened, and B ) What do i do know, i cannot complain now that it tells me i have the right cpu.
  6. Well i can see that i am going have to return this computer to the company, i was wondering though is there any way they could start to use my copy of windows, as all that is needed is activation. I do not want this to happen is there any thing i can do or will they need the product key for activation? And a big thankyou again to all that have given me help and advice.
  7. Ok i have used the ine that IntelGuy said and this too says that i have an AMD Athlon XP 2500+. So i guess they did cheat me, i hope i can get my money back, guess i will just tell them that they did not provide the processor they said they would and i want a refund.
  8. Well i clicked on the box that said overclock on that program and it does say some stuff, about the cpu it says the following; CPU type AMD Athlon XP-A 2500+ CPU Alias Barton CPU Stepping A2 CPUID CPU name AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPUID Revision 06AOh CPU Speed CPU clock 1833.47MHZ CPU Multiplier 11.0 x CPU FSB 166.68 Then some stuff about cpu cache and other things edit: sorry i started this before seeing the above message
  9. Is there anyway that i can tell if they have clocked it (or are trying any funny stuff) or if they just put in the wrong processor(unlikley i know)
  10. Right I set the thing back to 166 each, and have run that program It tells me that i have an AMD Athlon XP-A, 1833MHz (11 x 167) 2500+. Is this because i lowered it to 166 or have they actually ripped me off?
  11. Ok i will do that i will post back here once i have done that and let you all know the results soon,so hopefully you will be able to advise me, and thankyou everybody for all your help i dunno what i would have done without this help, i guess i would have paid some one to tell me the same and that would have invaldidated my warrenty (probably). So thanks again.
  12. really sorry about the confusion, i originaly gave a link to the exact one i bought however they said that this was subject to change only swapping a part for an eqully good/bad one, it seems that they changed the mobo and i think the link is now to the system they currently offer. Really sorry about that
  13. Just noticed somthing else probably irrelevent but i would like to give you all the info i have, that is on the first turn on after that jumping it says CMOS battery low and lists the speed as 1050 not the 1100 it does after that.(the CMOS battery low changes to the CMOS settings wrong)
  14. They have just substituted boards so i do not have a asrock now. Is there any way that i can check the processor and ram type before contacting them, i would like to be able to know as much as possible.
  15. Ok i did that and the not loading not displaying problem came back, so i will just do that jumping thing again
  16. well the good news is that i am in, it worked fine, however i thought i would look at system in the control panel and it says that i only have a Xp2500+
  17. i know that it does not run at 3200 however it should run at 2200 not the 1100 it says. it says the cpu is at 200MHz, the ram at 166MHz
  18. That is a good point i will mention that when i talk to them tommorow edit: i updated the previous link to there current system specs, that is the same one as mine, they did say that they were allowed to replace parts with different ones but they would not be of lesser quality. i thought it was a good deal i could not find cheaper anyway.
  19. Just did that jumping thing and now i have it turns on like it used to, still got the problem with the cmos being wrong, but at least it is bringing up a picture. Thankyou for helping get it back to this stage you have no idea of the relief i am feeling. Any way here is the system i bought [url=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=51144&item=5122748888&tc=photo If they have installed wrong components then i will phone and tell them that i am sending it back.
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