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  1. I'm with Cox in middle Georgia and, until 3 weeks ago, had their ultimate package. They promise 150/50 but ALWAYS over delivered. It wasn't unusual to hit 200/80 most nights after 11pm. Thing is, they advertise it as "unlimited" bw, there's a 450GB cap which, surprisingly, is pretty easy to hit with that kind of speed. The only way I could get true unlimited bw was to get a "business" account and decrease my speed to 50/10 which feels painfully slow. I will have to say, though, they are pretty good with the consistency. I heard Google is coming to 18 cities here, in the dirty south....hope my
  2. I wouldn't read too much into it Angela...just a simple sign of respect. I have always held the door for women (and pretty much anyone) and will to the day I die.
  3. Sorry Kylie, but I have to, with the greatest respect, disagree. I think Daniel is a less than average guitarist but, don't get me wrong, a WAY above average composer, singer, songwriter etc.., I think the early, post-grunge stuff was exceptional, especially for a teenager. But what he has done from Neon Ballroom on, including the corroborations with Paul Mac, has been some of the best music written during that time span. Nobody can make the "kurt Cobain wannabe" accusations anymore and he has evolved into one of the most cinematic composers alive! And his voice! Just remarkable! As for Au
  4. My personal best list (in no particular order) Vai, Dimeola, Satch, Buckethead, Joe Pass, John McLaughlin, Django, Michael Angelo, Blues Saraceno, Hendrix, Adrian Belew, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, Alan Holdsworth, And only about two dozen others. It's always been a personal irritation of mine to see Santana, Clapton, BB King and guys like that make the "best" list. In no way do I discount their, almost universal appeal but, to me at least, likability is not the same thing as ability. There is nothing that the most popular guitarist can play that those I menti
  5. lavakillu


    I can't seem to access your pitstop test but from what I read here it looks like your chip is Barton core w/ 333mhz fsb (166 x 2) You probably can run your memory at PC 400 (200 x 2) but it'll be out of sync with your chip and any speed advantage will be nullified...right?
  6. You absolutely can run games on it. Linx just allows you to install a BIOS loader and a new dashboard. Going into specifics would be against the forum rules here but its probably OK to say that the only problem with running an out of spec BIOS is that you cant play online games...unless you have a switchable Mod chip.
  7. Probably too late for this info now but theres a soft mod that works without a mod chip. There's a couple of exploits that allow you to backdoor Linx (one using the old mech assault and 007 games) and once you get Linx on the machine you can put a new dashboard on...like this Still some problems with corrupted save point with some backups but those are resolved by loading the games directly to the HD. PM me if you need any "tools" Bruce..I still owe you for the Linx distro you sent me a few years ago.
  8. ...Buckethead...Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell (Thanks crossfire)
  9. I remember my first post about 3 iterations of the Forums ago...my thread was titled "pissy framerates" and Volt replied with "wasn't she one of the Bond girls"...not much help but sure set the tone! About a day or so later, I learned how Bruce really felt about Bill Gates Even though I post sparingly, I've been coming back here for years...leading the blind is such tedious work!!!
  10. Will you guys NEVER be satisfied until there are no more wealthy citizens in America? The re-distribution of wealth in this country has always been from the top earners to those that pay nothing and receive the greatest proportion of the benefits. If you actually read something about the fair tax proposal, you would know that the poorest citizens would receive a reimbursement for necessities, that it will abolish the embedded tax on all products produced in America thereby lowering the cost and making American products more appealing on the world market. It would also abolish the IRS and the
  11. if that doesn't work...then boot into BIOS (tap the Delete key when you start the comp) Look for the bot sequence and move the CDROM or ATAPI device to the first position. Put the disc in the drive and reboot... ...sorry...Im too late...
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