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    pent 4 2.8 ghtz socket 478, xp prof, 512mb geil golden dragon RAM, maxtor 120 Gig HD, Aopen CD-rom/r/RW, Sony DVD-ROM, Nvidia GForce MX 64MB, 512mb int connection, Abit IS7-E2 'Springdale' MB.
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  1. i suppose yeh but i realy do like amd's 64 range on the 939 socket....
  2. pci-express is the standard for the future in graphics cards but why hasnt AMD's latest socket (the 939) got any motherboards supporting it?. Ive looked everyware i know of and just caunt find any! and untill there is 1 i caunt change me mb and CPU as ive bought a pci express Nvidia 6800!
  3. nobody uses more than arround 3.4ghz anyway...there is no need for all this power!!...its not used. AMD clocked on to this ages ago and concentrated on other technologies and there cpu's are just as good (if in some cases better than Intels) at 2ghz neva mind 4ghz for god sake....were all power mad! If u put that extra cash into a decent graphics card ude be flying!
  4. well i sorted it by deleting 2 of my IDE channels then letting windows re-install them...they looked dodgy so i deleted them 1 at a time, re-starting my computer afterwards.....once re-installed both were in DMA mode and my results ar as follows.............pit test....thanks every1 that helped me beefy
  5. my buffer shud b 8MB like u say but i dnt know ow 2 access it/change it / or check it??
  6. i caunt seam 2 track down C:\WINDOWS\System32\Kaf2v.exe and C:\WINDOWS\System32\Qfmvs5.exe ????.......plus on task manager they jus keep on appearin along with FpwW2mn.exe and WofE5.exe.....ime still tryin find the route 2 em n stop em appearin.............as 4 buffer size i dnt know how change it??
  7. ive 2 processors as well under processors lol.........wat is goin on??
  8. jus an idea??.....will i hav 2 delete 1 of the 2.......i also hav 2 intel ® 82801EB ultra ata storage contollers, 1 is enabled the other not???.....how has this happened??
  9. Hi hawk....well where do i start?....i cudnt find any of the 2 registrys and ime a little confused 2 say the leist with my IDE channels.....i have 2 of both primary and secondary and 1 set out of the two has DMA enabled and the others not plus i caunt change them!....whats strange to is that the master on 1 primary channel is DMA enabled the other will not and the slaves transfer modes both say not applicable....same story with the secondary ide channels but one has both master and slaves saying not applicable and the other just master in DMA............
  10. just going through everything again i have found that one of my IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers are set to PIO Only and the other DMA.......the only problem is the one with PIO Only wont change to DMA ..........ime confused, could this be a determining reason why my uncached speed is so slow??, but if it is how can i change it....re-instal the driver this is my l8test test
  11. yeh ive got adaware se and run it prety much constantly..........every time ime getting the same type of ads......ive deleted um lol so ule hav 2 hang on 4 there names......ive also been routing through msconfig n reduced my registeries..now me score has risen from 1126 to 1248..............thanks loads hawk.........bloody uncached speed is still 3mb tho????...ile giv the otha anti spyware program u suggested a blast..
  12. now 9 but because its an online scan it wont let me delete them
  13. ive hav seven viruses found in a matter of 30 seconds usein the online free pc-cillin anti virus....dnt know wetha it was the one u suggested but they included the trojan QDIAL16.A
  14. nice1 hawk......ime running them now so ile keep u posted
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