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  1. yes you missed me asking a question about weather you thought that a celeberty could get a fair trial. and i get "dont come back to the pit"
  2. Not in regards to the moderation team, in regards to the actual posters flaming someone for asking a question then telling that person they should go elsewhere.
  3. This place is already turning into the said forums. It wont be much longer when you get ran out of the forums for asking a simple question.
  4. Well im glad i have not been there at all. I have seen places like that before, it is a bad situation to run off all your posters, that defeats the purpose of haveing a forum doesnt it?
  5. Are you refering to M$ website and their forums? If so i have had problems there as well. I was even asking a M$ question and they deleted it.
  6. How about we take your word for it........I believe you without the photographic evidence.
  7. There aint nobody that big, anywhere on the planet. No im not a CEO but would love to be one. I voice my opinion when im in a converstaion, and would prefer to say something to someones face as to type it, its easier to convey what i mean verbally as to typing. (plus i sometimes spell like a :censored:, never been good at spelling)The people that have no alternative but to take minimum wages were not who i was refering to. If there are no jobs available then atleast they are working. The job still isnt supposed to support a family. The people i am refering to are the people especially in my ar
  8. I did not have cable or tele when i was 14. couldnt afford it. I had gas for heat and electricity for the lights and stove. Here is another shocker for ya. @ 14 years of age where i live you can legaly operate mopeds on the street and drive motorvehicles with an adult, unless you get a hardship liscense which allows you to drive to and from school, the store, and to work by yourself, all at the tender age of 14.
  9. If you can pay the deposit you get the utilities. Simple as that. I have never had to have a report card signed. I have only signed either of my sons report card once each. that was very recent. I was almost 6 feet tall when i was 14 years old, and i was right around 180 lbs, and i never saw the person who turned on the utilities, as a matter of fact i dont recall ever seeing anyone ever when i have had the utilities turned on to get moved into a place. (except the cable dude, he has to come in to run the lines.) The meter is on the outside of the building, and they come over turn it on and le
  10. Chopdoc, thanks for the links on the stories. Ill have a look at them.
  11. My friends father rented me the place to live or i would have lived in the street. He owned several apt buildings and knew that i would "disappear" if anyone interfeared. The town was 2800 people, the nearest child welfare agency was 3 hours away, you dont have to prove your age to get utilities you only need a social security number, which you get at birth. The school did not require a parent to sign a report card. No i was not emancipated, the the school did not know or care as long as i didnt get into trouble at school. Oh and had to throw this one in here. When i decided to have child
  12. Just where did you get that one? Please post a link to the source as i am very interested to see this. The nazi part is what im refering to.
  13. Yes i did. I worked at Daylight donuts when i was 14 years old to pay my rent, since i lived on my own. I stayed in school and worked as many hours that i could legaly, and delivered news papers in my spare time. I have paid for all of my own college, and raised my 2 children on my own with no child support. So yes i have had a silver spoon in my mouth all my life. As for the compassion part. Yeah what the hell ever, there is more compasion there than you will ever know. I moved 200 miles from my home town to further my education, and get better employment. The unions have killed all of the bu
  14. Check your facts we are not killing civilians the terrorist are.
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