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  1. if you have a tablet pc like i do this is a great program. i use it on my Fujitsu t4210 tablet pc and love it. i tested it on Ubuntu 12.04 and it works very well. all i have to do is turn my monitor and the screen rotates by its self, no need to click on anything. from the site: Magick Rotation is an application that will help Dell, HP, and Lenovo tablet pc's automatically rotate screen orientation and devices that use the Wacom or evdev drivers. Magick Rotation is not a Ubuntu specific application. Versions have worked in Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, and openSUSE among othe
  2. here is my motorola droid 2 global 50 miles away and here it is 150 miles away both on wifi and with data
  3. when i used windows i used avast. the main thing is no matter which one you go with , keeping it updated is a must.
  4. i tried it on Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 and both a nogo.i dont have a windoze box around to try that. every other place i have seen say they fixed the exploit so ill have to wait and see what happens.
  5. *************************************************************************** * * * DROID 3 Easy Root script v7d * * * *************************************************************************** * * Please make sure you meet these pre-requisites: * * (a) install the correct driver... er, nevermind, we don't need no stinkin' drivers * ( turn on USB debugging (on your phone under Settings -> Applications) * © plug in your phone and set your USB mode to 'PC Mode' (on Linux) * or 'Charge Only' mode (on Mac) * (but if it hangs waiting for the phone to connect, set it the ot
  6. ok im going to say that it didnt work. ill try again and post what is in the terminal before that last reboot
  7. sorry bout that. its the motorola droid 2 global
  8. you mean someone made a spam sammich and i didnt get any?
  9. it sure sounds like its being blocked someplace. do you have a router? if so and you may want to check in the admin settings and see if its blocked there.
  10. works for me also must be a setting you in your browser. i tried opera 11.60, google chrome 16.0.912.75 , and firefox 9.0.1 and all work fine
  11. duane lets try this. i changes the resolution to 2000 ppi. let me know if that works. if not , im not sure what else to do
  12. duane i dont have any hi res pics sorry. ill try and see what i can do. terry i just couldnt pass it up. i first got it to clean up cause it was full of virus's and after having it a couple days they asked if i wanted to buy it. i said sure and installed Ubuntu and been happy ever since. i can even rotate the screen for when im in tablet mode.
  13. no its not on a dock, i what is called a convertible tablets. its really a great machine and for 200.00 i couldnt pass it up. here is a write up from pcmag http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2035861,00.asp
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