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  1. I switched from TurboTax a few years ago to TaxAct. https://www.taxactonline.com/s_online_tax20...amp;ad=23909265
  2. Since I hooked up my HP Photomart C3100 Series printer to a print server, when I use the printer toolbox to check ink levels or alignment, etc. I get the message "the computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device." Any ideas on how I could fix this?
  3. I can't see anything caught in it.
  4. I have a microsoft optical wheel mouse. About a week ago the wheel started to respond erratically. Now the wheel does nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled, tried troubleshooting it, even put it on another computer and the wheel still does not work. The mouse isn't very old, but didn't cost a lot either. Any ideas on why the wheel doesn't respond?
  5. My son's computer didn't come with a floppy drive. I didn't think he need one anymore, but he misses playing some of his old games. A friend gave him a floppy drive. Do I need a cable or something to hook it up? I didn't know if most computers came with a cable in the spare slots or not.
  6. Thanks, I'll try some of those when I get home.
  7. Yes, it was a clean install. Which file would I download. I tried the first one and I'm still getting the active x error. It doesn't like my security setting, but the setting is as it should be.
  8. I just reinstalled Windows 98 on this machine and now I can't run the tests. It keeps giving me a problem with ActiveX, but the troubleshooting doesn't help me figure out what to do about it really. I had tried prior to get the latest updates and fixes from Microsoft, but I'm having problems there too. Now what? I was hoping to run the tests to see where I might be having problems.
  9. Thanks to all for your answers. It seems to be working ok now.
  10. I was able to disable it (I think). Now everytime I reboot, since I have automatic updates turned on, it tries to update the drivers for the old device. It doesn't appear to be a problem tho as I the update fails. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Thank you. Now I don't know if this is associated with this problem, but I keep getting one of those microsoft error reports. I thought I had turned that function off, but anyway, this is the message I get. C:\DOCUME~1\LORRAI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5059.dir00\Mini112806-16.dmp C:\DOCUME~1\LORRAI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5059.dir00\sysdata.xml What does this mean?
  11. Well, I did remove it from device manager...that's not the same as disable? How do I get into the BIOS on XP?
  12. Earlier this year I installed a new graphics adapter card. It's a e-ge force FX5500. The old one was Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics with shared video memory. Periodically I have been getting a message at reboot that it is installing new hardware (which is the old graphics adapter). Lately it's really been causing a problem. In the installation instructions for the new card it says to remove the existing graphic adapter, but if my motherboard has integrated video, to disable it on the motherboard. 1st of all I don't know if it is integrated and if it is, how do I disable it. I tried to remove it in device manager, but it keeps reinstalling.
  13. You might want to run the pitstop tests for your computer and post the results here.
  14. Eight O'Clock Columbian Whole Bean Coffee. If I buy coffee out, I like Dunkin Donuts the best.
  15. :welcome: You could try using this link MSN Support
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