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  1. Well I finally was able to remove or disable some apps. I ended up uninstalling the one I was trying to update. I reinstalled but I can't find it????????
  2. Yah, looks like it's time to upgrade. BTW (I told you I'm dumb when it comes to phones) how do you uninstall an app? I was able to clear cache but I couldn't figure out how to uninstall.
  3. I did removed the cached data from the apps I keep. I only have about 4 pics on the phone. Some of the stuff listed in apps I'm afraid to delete because I don't really know what they are or if they are needed.
  4. I use Whatsapp on my Android to communicate with relatives in Peru. I haven't used it in awhile and it says I need to update it. When I click the download button it tries to download the update but it says I don't have enough space. No free space. I'm kind of dummy when it comes to mobile phones. I can I fix this?
  5. Thanks for the heads up on that. My son is the viola player. I used to play cello and I didn't know if there was much difference to change the strings on the two.
  6. Hi Jazzy...thanks for the greetings. I've been overwhelmed this year. My son is going to start high school in the fall and he just keeps me going. When I was temporarily retired, I had so much more time. Why oh why did I go back to work?
  7. Volt, I knew I could count on you to find this out. You are da man.
  8. Does anyone out there know how to change a viola string. I've been searching all over for instructions on this (easy ones) with no luck. You guys always have the answers. :help:
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