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    Cats, computers, cars, travel, and my son. I love classical music and figure skating. I love helping my friends with their computer problems.

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  1. Well I finally was able to remove or disable some apps. I ended up uninstalling the one I was trying to update. I reinstalled but I can't find it????????
  2. Yah, looks like it's time to upgrade. BTW (I told you I'm dumb when it comes to phones) how do you uninstall an app? I was able to clear cache but I couldn't figure out how to uninstall.
  3. I did removed the cached data from the apps I keep. I only have about 4 pics on the phone. Some of the stuff listed in apps I'm afraid to delete because I don't really know what they are or if they are needed.
  4. I use Whatsapp on my Android to communicate with relatives in Peru. I haven't used it in awhile and it says I need to update it. When I click the download button it tries to download the update but it says I don't have enough space. No free space. I'm kind of dummy when it comes to mobile phones. I can I fix this?
  5. Yes, very sad. I just don't understand why you would allow a 15 yr. old (illegal to be driving) to ride around with the whole adopted family (little ones too)...even though it wasn't her fault.
  6. perfect....thank you so much.
  7. I'm looking for a folder icon of a school bus. I'm having no luck doing so. Need your help. Thanks.
  8. Eight O'Clock Columbian Whole Bean Coffee. If I buy coffee out, I like Dunkin Donuts the best.
  9. What error message are you getting?
  10. Thanks for the input Just wanted to not waste money. I had heard things about the batteries going out rather quickly and they are expensive.
  11. Does anyone think the extended warranty for the Ipod is worth the $59 for two more years of coverage.
  12. Well I don't think you'd do this at your age, but for us old farts with health issues...I had gastric bypass surgery in Feb. and have lost 68 lbs. so far. I have so much more energy and feel so much better. I'd still like to lose another 40 lbs. to finish. I'm no longer on diabetes medication or cholestoral medication. I had tried all the various diet programs and exercising, but as you get older and everything slows down, it's harder.
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