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  1. sounds like the screen then...cause it does work with external monitor
  2. Did anyone read my last post to this problem. Any ideas?
  3. Well, the screen finally went totally black. I tried another inverter yesterday and the screen came on for a moment but it had lines thru it and eventually went black again. Kind of frustrating cause I was hoping to save it.
  4. Well, it works find when hooked to an external monitor, so it's either a wire or bad screen.
  5. This doesn't sound like the same thing. It's almost like an interference. It's hard to describe what it's doing. It's constant. For a couple of seconds the screen is still then it gets a real mad flicker going on. It's almost like it's timed.
  6. His computer is a dv6700 model HP Pavilion (product 6928us).
  7. ok...Where do we find the video driver?we are running windows 7 The flicker is so bad that it's very hard to navigate the screen
  8. the refresh rate is 60...now what?
  9. My son has an HP laptop about 3 years old. the screen has a horrible flicker. bad enough to give you a headache and make the screen unreadable. Is it time for a new laptop.
  10. I have windows firewall. I download the free version of network magic and that doesn't seem to find anything. How good is network magic? If you know. It doesn't happend just on weekends. I'm mostly on it in the evening.
  11. Nothing has changed in the house. Same phones...same place.
  12. Over the last month or so, I've been having a problem losing the connection to the wireless network. Usually I can just hit connect and it'll reconnect. Sometimes I have to try a couple times before it works. This usually happens more in the evening or weekends. Why would this be a more frequent problem lately? Any ideas?
  13. Thank you soooooo much. That did the trick.
  14. Windows 7Optonline.net PC tools anti-virus
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