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    Cats, computers, cars, travel, and my son. I love classical music and figure skating. I love helping my friends with their computer problems.

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  1. I downloaded it and ended up uninstalling it. The dropdown on the left that shows you the pages you've visited disappeared and I use that alot. I couldn't see anything I like about it worth keeping it. Just wanted to know if anyone else didn't like it.
  2. I switched from TurboTax a few years ago to TaxAct. https://www.taxactonline.com/s_online_tax20...amp;ad=23909265
  3. Since I hooked up my HP Photomart C3100 Series printer to a print server, when I use the printer toolbox to check ink levels or alignment, etc. I get the message "the computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device." Any ideas on how I could fix this?
  4. Thanks all for your help. I bought a wireless and it is all set up and working.
  5. I currently have two computers hooked up to a wired router. My son who is now in college has a laptop and I bought a laptop for my husband for Christmas. Can I still hook the two computers to the wireless router with cat5? Dumb question??
  6. I can't see anything caught in it.
  7. I have a microsoft optical wheel mouse. About a week ago the wheel started to respond erratically. Now the wheel does nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled, tried troubleshooting it, even put it on another computer and the wheel still does not work. The mouse isn't very old, but didn't cost a lot either. Any ideas on why the wheel doesn't respond?
  8. The right mouse button doesn't not respond. Do you think it's time for a new mouse? I uninstalled and reinstalled. I even tried it on a different computer and it still doesn't work.
  9. My son's computer didn't come with a floppy drive. I didn't think he need one anymore, but he misses playing some of his old games. A friend gave him a floppy drive. Do I need a cable or something to hook it up? I didn't know if most computers came with a cable in the spare slots or not.
  10. The answer I got wasn't even related to my question. He told me to send my test results from tech express, closed my post, kind of told me I posted in the wrong place. I can't find the original post anywhere.
  11. Earlier in the year I purchased Optimize from PC Pitstop. I ran it on a computer with windows 98 and had no problems, but when I ran it on an computer with windows XP, I ended up having to do a restore because they were having problems with the product. They refunded my money for the purchase. All I wanted to know was if the bugs had been fixed and if I purchased it again, would I have problems. The answer I got from the paid products forum wasn't even close to answering my question. I now have 2 home computers both with windows XP, so the other question (which wasn't answered) was can I use the same license on both computers.
  12. Thanks, I'll try some of those when I get home.
  13. Yes, it was a clean install. Which file would I download. I tried the first one and I'm still getting the active x error. It doesn't like my security setting, but the setting is as it should be.
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