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    Athlon XP Plus 2600 processor, 1024 MB of system memory, nVidia FX-5700 Ultra from Chaintech, 100 GB Hard drive, DVD-R/RW 12x optical drive, DVD/CD optical drive, Creative Audigy Two sound card, Comcast Broadband Cable Modem Internet Access
  1. THis is EXCELLENT reading for ALL users and everyone should take note. It is on response to an article published to a famous PC Magazine: I will not check this section. You can benefit from it or not. It is up to you. I did. Dear Lance: After reading your article entitled “Are You Stealing Vista?”, I must comment on a few things here that are commonly misplaced and misunderstood in the computing world by especially business and consumers. First of all, I am a happy Vista Ultimate user and even feel 64-bit should replace 32-bit as soon as possible, not only because CPU processors in co
  2. Most people do not have the auto settings checked for IE and this does not guarantee it will open it up any faster. I dont mind waiting an extra second or two when the anti-phishing filter protects me in the first place on CA and the built in one by IE 7. FIrefox is simply usless and inferior in this way and more to, and that is why I am strictly Microsoft programs for the most part. Visya is also going to replace XP eventually because in the long run 64-bit is where it is going. THe CPU's are 64-bit anyways!
  3. Everytime I use the most updated video drivers for my nVidia 7600GS AGP 8x video card, the 2D test results are very poor and the lines from the circle tests are very slow. but when I uninstall and use the original older drivers that came with the video card, the test results are much much better. There is a glitch somehow in your testing because we need those forceware updated Sept, 2007 drivers for the current games to. What can you say and investigate about this issue?
  4. I keep getting only 11.48 mp/s on the graphics test results also including the 2D line circle drawings that start on the outside and go inward to form multi-line oval circles. I have the most updated drivers but some say that always having the most updated drivers may not be the best thing to do, so rather use the drivers that came on the disc CD. Why is that though if the newer games may requires the most updated Forceware Drivers? Why is it then that my performance which should be at least 229 mp/s is only 11.48?!?!? Something is wrong here! Can someone help me. I have am Intel 940D Pentium
  5. I to used Firefox and still stay with Internet Explorer. The problem with any other browser is they are not installed with the current operating system from Microsoft and so that is the first real issue of solid compatibility, which for example is why I do not use anything Apple on my Windows machine. And yes, Microsoft does have the right and the privelege to make it's products work better with their own system. Also, 9 times out of 10, crashes are because of the user, NOT the program's operating system and browser. Finally, Firefox still and never will be able to fully act like Active X, bec
  6. [/b]Most people are forgetting the best versions out of all the new releases will be the 64-bit professional releases. The one item I see people forgetting is that Windows XP is only 32-bit and since Windows Vista is not out of it's BETA stages there is no reason to even buy it. When they released 64-bit chips BEFORE a true NON-beta 64-bit Windows it was too soon because there was no reason to buy a 64-bit chip. Now that is all you find. I will NOT buy a new computer until Windows Vista comes out in the professional form of a true 64-bit operating system. You are right to tell people to wait.
  7. I have never used auto detect settings and even Comcast makes sure that is unchecked when they set the cable modem service for high speed up, so that is a waste of time. I don't know anyone that uses that with high speed. Ernie
  8. I use Advanced System Optimizer and have for 6 months now and love the program. It has a great broadband optimizer for DSL and cable modems. IT always works great. I bought PC Pitstop Optimize today for the 29.99 online price. I did some tests on some download games. The download speed with your program was 305 kbps and with the other program i ran afterwards it seemed to speed it up. but later I noticed that the speed during download slowed down. WHY when Comcast is the fastest even over DSL does it not gain the 6 mbps speeds? I used to have DSL and indeed it is slower than cable modem servic
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