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    2.53 CPU,40G Seagate HD(74.5),Seagate HD(7.6) Geforce4 Ti 4200 G/Card,Gigabyte 845PE(intel chipset) XP Home SP2,ADSL NB5 Plus4 Modem 768/5000
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  1. Thanks faith_michele for the links to Aaron Parker for this tip. Works a treat. Splatflys.
  2. I was running VISTA RC2(5 Weeks) until October 5 06' I had enough! People really,50% off programs you run now won't work for example your good old printer, Nero or your Graphic Card, don't forget about your Anti virus or ya Firewall Nothing has been written for Vista BECAUSE Third Partys are now not allow to access the Core meaning Any Third Party Program that trys to go into MS Core can't work this Includes OPEN SOURCE we will go Back woulds.Theres more..........do a Google read up I say stick with XP. Forget about Buying new stuff.There's no Drivers LOL VISTA ready... Nothing is.
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