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  1. I thought it was pretty good what he/she said...
  2. Yup, I forwarded it to [email protected], the same with the eBay one. What's wrong with Cliosport?
  3. Sorry all, Here is the link: 'Poor' Paypal scam!
  4. Minutes after letting you know about that eBay scam I received. Look at what else I just received: 'Poor' Paypal scam! Be on your guard!
  5. Managed to fix the problems, yet?
  6. After all this time using this program, I never knew you could do that. Excellent stuff...
  7. Was downloading stuff. Don't worry I don't leave it on every night. Just the odd night here and there...
  8. Well it has worried me a bit, as I have had this Notebook since Sept 2003 - and I have never, ever seen this error before. I just got worried that my Notebook could be dying?
  9. Ok, I left my Notebook on last night, while it was downloading something. Anyhow I woke up @ 5am to go to the loo, and noticed that my Notebook has a 'blue screen of death' showing. I have don't think I have ever seen a blue screen of death since owning this Notebook. Anyhow it said something about that Window's had to shut down, because of a system error. Also in the text was something about the memory. Anyhow I have not long ago started my Notebook up, and got the following messages: System Error In the picture the middle box popped up 1st. I then clicked on 'click here' and a 2nd box popped up, which I moved to the bottom of the page. I finally click on 'click here' in the bottom box, and a 3rd and final box popped up - which I moved to the top of the page. This is new to me, as I have never, ever seen this kinda error before. For some reason I am really worried, can someone please tell me what, and why this error possibly happened?
  10. Found this --> DivxToDVD Tried it, and it works a treat. 1 program does the whole job for you. Great stuff
  11. Is this available in Nero 6? As I can't seem to find this 'Nerovision Express' unless I am being blind...
  12. It does look like a str8 pub in the day. But @ nite, it can be screaming in there. Also packed wall to wall, It used to get right on my wick.
  13. Ekk, sod going to the Kings Cross. It's full of old men / Pervs in there. I have not been in there for a couple of years now. Used to go there first with all my mates before going to Exit, or Club X on Charles Street (if I remember correctly!) on a clubbing night out. Augh, I miss tho days sometimes. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your own troubles. Chin up
  14. Well it always good to have. I have got it installed.
  15. LOL, I think all the coal has been dug up Maybe I was over reacting, maybe my jealous streak is getting the better of me, maybe I am too over protecting...
  16. I have no idea. And no, he doesn't like/watch Rugby...
  17. Ok, I suppose you are all right. Not one person has agreed with me, so it shows me that 'perhaps' I am just thinking into things too much. Which make me worry, etc... This has played on my mind tho, cuz I had a few strange dreams last night. Can't even remember the that clearly, but I can remember that they wasn't that good
  18. Am off now. Please keep posting, and I will read when I log back on tomorrow.
  19. LOL, yeh I did mention something about it. But I decided to stay with my current ISP @ 1Mbps connection...
  20. I am sure this thread wont get out of hand. I am just seeking advise from others, that's all. So call it a simple discussion Volt.
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