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  1. Ahh well, I can tell you that is it getting worse here in the UK. The price of fuel/gas seems to be rising every week. Along with Car road tax has risen, along with everything else. It's becoming a joke! But I tend not to think about that, and just get on with life.... like you should!
  2. It's nice to know that I am remembered. I haven't really been anywhere. I just forgot the password to my "cutehomoboi" account, hence yesterday I set up a new account and got in contact with IntelGuy, who arranged to reset the password on my OLD account. Hence I am now back in my old account, but with a new name of "xtreme__boi!" Wanted to keep the "cutehomoboi" account, because it had how many posts I have done, etc... and didn't really want to start a fresh! Have missed this place. Love to read thru the forums!
  3. Currently have a T-Mobile, Vario III aka HTC TyTN II. Had it since October '07, and love it! Best MDA phone I Have ever owned! Do you have a window's mobile?
  4. hehe, yes it's been a while amigo. Forgot the password to the account, and thought I lost it forever. But set up a temp account, and been in touch with IntelGuy, who reset password on this account. Soon having this name changed tho with a bit of luck... so look out for "xtreme__boi" as that will be me!
  5. Hello, I have just carried out a Pitstop test, and there were a few pointers made out. One being: So I have opened my Diskeeper ProPremier, and analyzed my C drive, and got the following report: If you look in the 2nd image, you can see I have put a red box around the "Fragmentation Percentage" section. Does anyone knwo how to tackle the "Data Fragmentaion 34%" bit. As I have run the Defreg last night, and the overall health of the drive, is showing as "healthy" Cheers, Lee
  6. I did try Google, but got a bit lost. Anyhow, I am now putting the files I require from my old Laptop - onto my Sony Network Walkman. As it has a 20gb HDD, and then I am connecting the Sony HDD to my new computer, and transfering the files there. Seems to be much easier than setting up a network, as I am going to be restoring the old Laptop back to it's original state, as I have sold it to my boss in work. Thanks for the help tho.
  7. Old Laptop is on Windows Xp Home Edition, new PC is on Windows XP Media Edition. I have also tired using the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard, and get as far as the 'Autodetect' section, and then it just seems to sit there for ages... Is there something that I am something that I am possibly doing wrong?
  8. Any idea on how I can do that? As I am fiddling about on the old computer, but not really sure how to transfer (music, photo's, movies, etc...) to the new computer...
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to use a 'FireWire cabel' to transfer files from your old computer, over to your new computer? Because when I plugged the cable into my old Laptop, then into my new PC - I have a pop-up from my ZoneAlaram stating a new Network connection has been found... Can anyone help?
  10. Does LARGER SHANDY count? I hate beer, yukky!
  11. How and where can I do that...? EDIT: The pit is running badly today AGAIN!
  12. EDIT: The pit is running badly today...
  13. Well I have removed BitDefender now, as I don't really use it (only really used it as my secondary AV). Plus I had it disabled in my WinPatrol, as I didn't want it running on start up. But it doesn't seem to be the case. Any other tips?
  14. Hi all, Just noticed that my Notebook seems to be running pretty slooooow. Check the task manager, and noticed the CPU is in the 80-100% mark: Just carried out a pit test. Can any help? TechExpress Results...
  15. Excellent stuff. Just created a load of nice looking buttons. Thanks!
  16. Where about on the site can I find these? Can't see them at the mo...
  17. Anyone know any good FREE program, where you can create buttons for a webpage?
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