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  1. Gonna drop by as much as I possibly can from now on. Used to have good chats with you lot.
  2. Thanks all, The reason why I have not been about lately, is because of my new job. I am now training to become a Duty Manager in a store that I work, and the hours can sometimes be very long. So hence me not having the time to stop by on here. I used to be hooked on the Pit, but nower days I just don't seem to have much time. Glad to see that you 'lot' are still about!
  3. Never really took my laptop out of the house. So don't think I will really be moving this new desktop out and about the place. As it's too bulky, hehe!
  4. My old lappy is about 3 years old. So I fancied a desktop PC, with TFT monitor, etc...
  5. Here is a test of my old Laptop, which was a Samsung V25 Samsung V25 Also, here is a test of my NEW PC, which is a Targa Ultra 3700+ Targa Ultra 3700+ Ignore the low volume on the 'N' drive, as that is only my pen drive. Tell me your opinion's on the new PC Spec...
  6. Ok, I am still not getting anywhere with this seller. Their MSN email address is [email protected] I am pretty sure that I have been blocked, so cannot see when they are online. So I am unable to even now make contact via MSN. I really need help on where to go from here. Is there a way I can get their website 'shut down' because there is no doubt that other buyers will suffer the same losses as myself.
  7. Can anyone else help? I am already getting help from 1 pit person...
  8. Ok, This seller just sent me a message saying 'Hi' then about 30 seconds later, they went offline. That is really strange, and it's really bugging me now. As this seller KNOWS that I have been sending them messages and emails. But they refuse to talk / contact me...
  9. Nope I dint use a CC, I used Western Union because I had 2 previous successful transactions / orders... Is it possible for anyone in this forum who uses MSN, to add this seller on their MSN and try to chat to them? I would be most grateful...
  10. Ok, There is this website I paid for goods on. I have had 2 previous order without a problem. But with my recent order, the person on the other side (aka The Boss) has refused to respond to me about my order. Emailed him dozens of times, and can also see that he is online with my MSN (as I type this). But every message I send, is simply ignored. I just can't understand why he is doing this to me... Luckily I managed to keep the 2 address labels that arrived with my other 2 orders. So I think I have got the sellers address, as it has a 'From' address printed at the top. Also I have got the sellers DHL Acc No, again which is at the top of the address label. This seller is based half way around the world, and I want advise on how I can get him. Is there anyway I can inform someone about his theft and get his website shut down? Who should I go to? What can I do? Can I get my money back? Help...
  11. I also love the It's lush! LOL @ this one tho... Tis bloody freezing here in Bristol, ENGLAND
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