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  1. Ahh well, I can tell you that is it getting worse here in the UK. The price of fuel/gas seems to be rising every week. Along with Car road tax has risen, along with everything else. It's becoming a joke! But I tend not to think about that, and just get on with life.... like you should!
  2. It's nice to know that I am remembered. I haven't really been anywhere. I just forgot the password to my "cutehomoboi" account, hence yesterday I set up a new account and got in contact with IntelGuy, who arranged to reset the password on my OLD account. Hence I am now back in my old account, but with a new name of "xtreme__boi!" Wanted to keep the "cutehomoboi" account, because it had how many posts I have done, etc... and didn't really want to start a fresh! Have missed this place. Love to read thru the forums!
  3. Currently have a T-Mobile, Vario III aka HTC TyTN II. Had it since October '07, and love it! Best MDA phone I Have ever owned! Do you have a window's mobile?
  4. hehe, yes it's been a while amigo. Forgot the password to the account, and thought I lost it forever. But set up a temp account, and been in touch with IntelGuy, who reset password on this account. Soon having this name changed tho with a bit of luck... so look out for "xtreme__boi" as that will be me!
  5. Hello, I have just carried out a Pitstop test, and there were a few pointers made out. One being: So I have opened my Diskeeper ProPremier, and analyzed my C drive, and got the following report: If you look in the 2nd image, you can see I have put a red box around the "Fragmentation Percentage" section. Does anyone knwo how to tackle the "Data Fragmentaion 34%" bit. As I have run the Defreg last night, and the overall health of the drive, is showing as "healthy" Cheers, Lee
  6. I did try Google, but got a bit lost. Anyhow, I am now putting the files I require from my old Laptop - onto my Sony Network Walkman. As it has a 20gb HDD, and then I am connecting the Sony HDD to my new computer, and transfering the files there. Seems to be much easier than setting up a network, as I am going to be restoring the old Laptop back to it's original state, as I have sold it to my boss in work. Thanks for the help tho.
  7. Gonna drop by as much as I possibly can from now on. Used to have good chats with you lot.
  8. Old Laptop is on Windows Xp Home Edition, new PC is on Windows XP Media Edition. I have also tired using the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard, and get as far as the 'Autodetect' section, and then it just seems to sit there for ages... Is there something that I am something that I am possibly doing wrong?
  9. Thanks all, The reason why I have not been about lately, is because of my new job. I am now training to become a Duty Manager in a store that I work, and the hours can sometimes be very long. So hence me not having the time to stop by on here. I used to be hooked on the Pit, but nower days I just don't seem to have much time. Glad to see that you 'lot' are still about!
  10. Never really took my laptop out of the house. So don't think I will really be moving this new desktop out and about the place. As it's too bulky, hehe!
  11. My old lappy is about 3 years old. So I fancied a desktop PC, with TFT monitor, etc...
  12. Here is a test of my old Laptop, which was a Samsung V25 Samsung V25 Also, here is a test of my NEW PC, which is a Targa Ultra 3700+ Targa Ultra 3700+ Ignore the low volume on the 'N' drive, as that is only my pen drive. Tell me your opinion's on the new PC Spec...
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